Last week, we participated at the annual FlexoTech International Print & Innovation awards in London and received the innovation award for our TIR Sleeve Measurement System. The event was a great success and the team was happy to participate. Winning a flexography award for our latest innovation motivates everyone.


In the flexo industry it is essential to know the condition of the sleeves. It allows for high speed production with minimum pressure settings and highest quality output. If the condition of a sleeve turns out bad, the print quality lowers as well.

This is where our TIR Sleeve Measurement System is beneficial. It checks the condition of the sleeves by measures the 3D Landscape of the sleeve. It detects all the high and low spots on the surface of the sleeve and displays them in a spectrum view of different colors. The machine stores all the data automatically so that operators can monitor the condition of the sleeve over time.

Various sleeve suppliers indicate that the average lifetime of a sleeve is 2-3 years. However, for flexo printers it can be hard to detect which sleeves are damaged and need replacement. And on the other hand, which ones can still be used in production.

This is where TIR Sleeve Measurement System can come with an exact analysis that will help you find out which sleeves are worn out or not.

The jury of Flexotech International International Print & Innovations awards stated that:”The TIR Sleeve Measurement system is tackling a new problem in the process and will no doubt help improve quality and reduce press downtime to further enhance the competitiveness of our industry”.

The TIR Sleeve Measurement is available as stand alone machine, but can also fits in the Semi Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM) or Fully Automatic Mounting Machine (FAMM).

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