RoboTAPE - Robotic Tape Applicator

The RoboTAPE is a game-changer patented solution for applying tape onto sleeves fully automatically and without any tape waste due to the spiral taping. The manual taping is eliminated and any related taping mistakes that cause press downtime.

  • Eiminate tape waste due to spiral taping
  • Eliminate manual tape application
  • Reduce operator related press downtime
  • Eliminate air bubbles and overlaps
  • No more cutting on sleeves
  • Eliminate sleeve damage
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RoboTAPE real-time video Workflow

RoboTAPE AV Flexologic


RoboTAPe video

Robotic Tape Application USP

close up taping


Robotic tape application

The RoboTAPE applies the tape fully automatically within 30 sec/sleeve. The spiral taping eliminates tape waste.


No air inclusions

The robotic taping eliminates the air bubbles and provides accurate and consistent taping application.


Tape roller

The RoboTAPE has a tape roll of 250m length for applying the tape. The width of the tape is 230mm.


Taping station

The operator manually loads the sleeve/adapter on the mandrel of the taping station. When the tape application is completed by the robot, he can remove the taped sleeve.


Safety fence

The robot is surrounded by a safety fence to protect the operator during the taping process.


HMI console

The HMI console is used to set up jobs and start the taping process. XML files can be loaded into the system for a quick start-up.

RoboTAPE options

  • 1

    RoboSLEEVE function

  • 2

    Additional taping tool

  • 3

    Tech Cart

  • RoboTAPE Bussiness case

    A printing and packaging company with a capacity of 1000 sleeves per week has enormous savings from the elimination of press downtime due to taping mistakes, the related tape waste and labor savings from handling and taping sleeves manually.

    RoboTAPE & RoboSLEEVE features

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