Flexo Printing sleeves and bridges

Tech Sleeves® is a sister company of AV Flexologic and a global manufacturer of customized flexo printing sleeves and bridges. With 5 decades of experience and innovation, AV Flexologic and Tech Sleeves® have developed a new build-up formula that offers up to 40% lighter sleeves with increased durability and toughness.

  • UV-cured Vinyl Ester resin outer layer
  • Lightweight technology
  • Very durable and longlasting
  • Rubber sealed edges to prevent damage
  • Metal reinforced slot

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Tech Sleeves® Superior Quality Adapters

  • 1

    Standard flexo bridges

  • 2

    Lead edge full metal ring

  • 3

    Separate air bridge

  • 4

    Miller (ball) valves

  • 5

    Air-through bridge

  • 6

    Soft coated bridge

  • Tech Light versions

    The lightweight sleeves are available in two versions. The Tech Light version is the standard sleeve with a milled slot, while the Tech Pro Light has rubber-sealed edges for maximum protection and longevity.

    Advantages of Tech Sleeve Light

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