Flexo Printing sleeves and bridges

Tech Sleeves® is a sister company of AV Flexologic and a global manufacturer of customized flexo printing sleeves and bridges. With 5 decades of experience and innovation, AV Flexologic and Tech Sleeves® have developed a new build-up formula that offers up to 40% lighter sleeves with increased durability and toughness.

  • UV-cured Vinyl Ester resin outer layer
  • Lightweight technology
  • Very durable and longlasting
  • Rubber sealed edges to prevent damage
  • Metal reinforced slot
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Rubber sealed edges

Decreases wear and tear of the sleeve. The edges are shock absorbent, therefore sleeve damage is prevented.


Full inner metal ring

The most strong and durable slot solution. It increases the lifetime of the sleeve.


Smart Sleeve

Sleeve with a RFID chip and magnet that store identification numbers, repeat sizes and quality reports from the TIR


Metal cutting line

The metal cutting line has an optimum width of 6mm and helps the operator to apply tape without cutting the sleeve



For anti-static applications that require conductivity from the outer layer to the base mandrel.

Tech Sleeves® Superior Quality Adapters

  • 1

    Standard flexo bridges

  • 2

    Lead edge full metal ring

  • 3

    Separate air bridge

  • 4

    Miller (ball) valves

  • 5

    Air-through bridge

  • 6

    Soft coated bridge

  • Tech Light versions

    The lightweight sleeves are available in two versions. The Tech Light version is the standard sleeve with a milled slot, while the Tech Pro Light has rubber-sealed edges for maximum protection and longevity.

    Advantages of Tech Sleeve Light

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