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AV Flexologic’s sister company Tech Sleeves is dedicated to serve the global scope of the flexographic printing industry for Bridge and Plates Sleeves. Companies can rely on them for quality, short delivery times and reliable service.  Tech Sleeves combines 25 years of experience with a skilled and innovative, fresh and dedicated engineering and sales team.

Mission: To increase the printing quality and overall efficiency by combining experience with innovation in this growing industry.

Vision: To continuously develop products that increase performance and quality, while offering other innovative features and services to strategically position the company worldwide while ensuring sustainable growth.

Sleeves and Bridges for Flexo Printing

Sleeves and Bridges for Flexo Printing

Tech Sleeves offers a wide variety of sleeves and bridges. Our customers have many different options, thus all the sleeves and bridges have customizable features, which makes them suitable for all types of mounting equipment. Tech Sleeves also offers supporting equipment, such as sleeve storage systems, demounters and the innovative TIR Sleeve Measurement System, which ensures the highest accuracy and quality.

Tech Sleeves’ head office is located in the Netherlands and they have recently opened a branch in the USA, from where they will target the market in the Americas. Their team, located in the Netherlands, the US and Romania is dedicated to provide high quality products at reliable lead times while at the same time developing products and making use of new technologies to be able to become a worldwide leader in this field.

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Sleeves and Bridges for Flexo Printing

3D Sleeves

The latest patented innovation of Tech-Sleeves: the ‘3D printed sleeve / adaptor’ is able to reduce by half the weight of flexo print sleeves and bridges on press, at the same time that improving printing performance.

In 2015 they manufactured the first 3D printed light weight mounting bridges. By continuing with the development of the patented 3D Printing technology and combining this with advanced composite manufacturing technologies, we are able to reduce weight for flexo print sleeves and bridges on press by half while at the same time improving printing performance.


Worldwide customized sleeve solutions

‘We are ready to rock your sleeves off’.
Robert Durieux, Sales Manager Tech Sleeves

- 25 years of experience and a skilled and innovative engineering team -

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Elopak supplies over 800 markets, which illustrates their need for an AV Flexologic FAMM in their workflow. Reinard Dreesmann, plant manager Elopak says: “Since the installation, output and quality are as expected. We mount approximately 1000 sleeves per week and mounting is considered an important part of the printing job. In the past, mis-registration often caused press down time. Now our mounting results are consisted and precise.”, in an article by Flexo & Gravure from 2008.

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Mission Labels

Mission Labels recently acquired an Aquasupreme, one of AV Flexologic’s waterwashable flexo plate making machines. Dave Humphrey: “We are very enthusiastic about the way the Aquasupreme doubles our capacity. It means that we are able to compete and take a much firmer stand in the market. It also means that we have saved a significant amount of costs with this investment.” He mentions: “My personal advice to anyone looking to invest in plate making facilities, is to opt for this water wash.”

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Clear Lam

Clear Lam develops and manufactures flexible packages for foods, personal health care products, electronics and detergents. They are located in the USA and China where they produce hundreds of products for consumer packaged goods companies, retailers and other industrial manufacturers. An important factor of business for Clear Lam is that they minimize their impact on the environment. Clear Lam obtained a FAMM in 2010. Since Clear Lam is using the FAMM, the company is saving a lot of time. Operators attend to other tasks, while the FAMM is taking care of the mounting job. The FAMM suits the people focused environment of Clear Lam. The continuously improving workflow of the company has experienced a substantial boost after the FAMM was adopted into their operations.

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Boran Packaging

Boran Plastic Packaging has recently purchased a Semi Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM) 1300 and is happy to report its experiences. The company tells AV Flexologic: “The operational effectiveness has improved significantly compared to the old way of mounting. We are especially impressed by the image recognition software that automatically detect the microdots. The quality of the process of mounting plates has never been better and we now have perfect registration and great repeatability of the mounting.”

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