Automatic Mounting System SAMM 3.0

The new Automatic SAMM 3.0 is the world’s fastest and most accurate flexo plate mounter with unmatched repeatability and speed. SAMM 3.0 comes with a completely new mechanical, visual, and user interaction design. With SAMM 3.0 you can achieve high-quality plate mounting with minimal operator interaction, ensuring an accuracy of 5 microns and a rapid mounting speed of under 30 seconds per plate.

  • Automatic & easy plate mounting
  • Eliminate mounting mistakes, reducing press downtime
  • Includes high safety standards
  • Almost operator independent
  • Highest accuracy, repeatability & speed (under 30 seconds per plate)
  • Software features for enhanced print jobs efficiency
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Patented Image Recognition System Under 30 seconds per plate High safety Features

Discover our latest innovation SAMM 3.0

SAMM 3.0 launch

Mounting plates in under 30 seconds

Fast plate mounting SAMM 3.0

Explore the Unique SAMM 3.0 Features


High safety standards

The SAMM 3.0 comes with a slick design with high safety standards and an array of features that further simplify its usage.


Backlight System

The third generation of SAMM features backlight technology for improved image recognition of mounting marks, offering optimal illumination for its ultra-high-definition monochrome cameras. The backlight system enhances plate positioning accuracy, increasing SAMM 3.0's precision and efficiency.


Patented Image Recognition System

The Image Recognition System checks the alignment of mounting marks to ensure the printing plate is correctly positioned on the sleeve.


Robotic plate positioning

The machine automatically positions the flexo plate with extreme accuracy of 5 microns, using a robotic table and the patented Image Recognition.


Automatic ultra HD cameras

Latest HD monochrome cameras with extended camera beam, which move automatically into the exact mounting position.


Automatic pressure roller

Ensures even mounting without any air inclusions. No operator interaction needed.


Vacuum table

To ensure maximum accuracy, the vacuum system fixates the plate to the robotic table before positioning.


Quality report

The mounting marks are checked and a PDF is automatically created with the measurements of the Image Recognition.


Vertically moving cylinder

It allows a fixed distance between the cameras and the plate, so no focusing of the lenses is needed. The cylinder rotates also automatically.


Easymount software

The Easymount software allows easy job creation and storage in less than 1 minute. Using the cameras of the machine, the software recognizes the targets and measures the distance between them.

Choose your Unique Options to SAMM 3.0

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    Cutting knife for plates

  • 2

    Tape holder 2.0

  • 3

    TIR Sleeve Measurement System

  • 4

    Automatic EasyReg detection

  • 5

    Barcode and QR code scanner

  • 6

    Special mounting adapters from Tech Sleeves

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