Sleeve Storage System

The Customizable Sleeve Storage System provides the optimal storage and protection for printing sleeves. The vertical storage prevents sleeve damage and extends the lifetime of the sleeves, while the neat and organized structure allows easy access and retrieval of the sleeves, saving valuable operator time.

  • Vertical storage prevents sleeve swelling
  • Saves time and effort
  • Saves costs from buying new sleeves
  • Protects the sleeves form damage
  • Customized project
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Sleeve Storage System

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Sturdy modular design

Sturdy racks with the possibility to expand the system in the future


Fully customized

Given the space restrictions, the sleeve storage system is custom engineered to store sleeves of different dimensions


Steel construction

Made of tubular steel.


Protective pins

The pins are designed based on the inner diameter of the sleeves and prevent them from falling


Protective mat

The selves of the system are covered with a protective mat to prevent damaging the sleeve edges


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    Racks expansion

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    Standard Sleeve Storage System

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    Wide Sleeve Storage System

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