Sleeve Storage System

The Customizable Sleeve Storage System provides the optimal storage and protection for your sleeves. The vertical storage prevents sleeve damage and extends the lifetime of the sleeves, while the neat and organized structure allows easy access and retrieval of the sleeves, saving valuable operator time.


  • Custom engineered
  • Neat and organized storage
  • Efficient use of space
  • Prevents sleeve damage
  • Saves costs due to sleeve damage

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The customized steel frame of the Sleeve Storage System accommodates several suspended multi-level sleeve racks. Sleeves of different dimensions on different levels can be stored, with the easiest to handle sleeves on the upper level to make the most efficient use of available space.

Additional features that provide extra protection for the sleeves include a cushioned mat on the floor and a holder on the ceiling to prevent the sleeves from falling off when the racks move.

With the Semi- Automatic Sleeve Storage System, all the racks move simultaneously, so the correct sleeve racks are opened within a minimal amount of time. A pressure-sensitive floor mat is placed along the complete length of the system, to ensure complete safety for the user. This floor mat also disables the movement of racks when it is triggered (for example when someone steps on the mat).


Sleeve Storage System Benefits


  • Easy access and retrieval of sleeves
  • Customized system
  • Efficient use of space
  • Safe storage of sleeves


  • Possibility to connect to ERP system
  • Automatic movement of racks
  • Easy tracking of sleeves
  • Multiple light beam safety devices