Sleeve Storage System

Sleeve Storage System allows a quick and easy access to your sleeves, as well as a perfect storage, preventing damages and extending the life of your sleeves. All you need is to enter the repeat of the sleeve(s) required on the control panel, and the system will automatically move the cabinets, one by one.
Suitable to most facilities and spaces, this system can be easily expanded and adapted according to the required amount of storage.


  • Custom engineered
  • Neat and organized storage
  • Efficient use of space
  • Prevent sleeve damage

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Amcor has been working with AV Flexologic's for over 15 years. The machines are placed all over the world in their different plants.
“In 2011 I travelled to Cumbria to see the FAMM in action at the SGS plant that serviced Amcor in the region. I was instantly intrigued by the simplicity and incredibly efficient output of the FAMM. I then travelled to Holland and viewed 2 FAMMS in operation at Elopak, again incredible output."

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Thanks to the replacement of AV Flexologic's MOM machines by the FAMM and SAMM, we are now able to cope in the mounting department with increased capacity and printing quality.

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Mondi Group

"Thanks to the FAMM we have saved a lot of costs." This explained Joachim Block, technical director at Nordenia in Halle, Germany. Nordenia is now part of the Mondi Group. Block: "AV Flexologic is the main supplier of flexo plate mounting machines for the whole Nordenia group and our cooperation with AV Flexologic has always been optimal.” He continues: “We consider AV Flexologic to be the market leader in the flexo plate mounting machines field and therefore we have a lot of confidence in their products. In the year 2008 we were looking for a new mounting machine and after comparison with mounting machines from other suppliers, we have made the decision to do business with AV Flexologic again."

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Elopak supplies over 800 markets, which illustrates their need for an AV Flexologic FAMM in their workflow. Reinard Dreesmann, plant manager Elopak says: “Since the installation, output and quality are as expected. We mount approximately 1000 sleeves per week and mounting is considered an important part of the printing job. In the past, mis-registration often caused press down time. Now our mounting results are consisted and precise.”, in an article by Flexo & Gravure from 2008.

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Manual System
Easy access, retrieval and the storage of sleeves.

Semi-Automatic Sleeve Storage System
Motorized horizontal movement of the racks via use of electric motors. With this feature, the user inputs a repeat number on a touchscreen interface, through which the racks will automatically open to the specific rack where the chosen sleeves are stored.

Automatic Sleeve Storage System
No human interaction required optimum protection for sleeves.


Advantages of Semi-Automatic Sleeve Storage

  •  Easy and fast retrieval of sleeves
  • No manual labour required to move sleeve racks
  • Possibility to connect to ERP system for further automation
  • Automatic security system

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