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Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM) 800 2.0

The awarded Automatic Flexo Plate Mounter (SAMM) 800 2.0 is the world’s fastest and most accurate mounting machine for the narrow-web industry. The machine is equipped with unique characteristics which enable an efficient and high quality mounting down to the micron.

• Automatic Mounting Machine for the narrow-web industry
• Operator independent
• Accurate positioning down to micron
• Extremely fast
• No mounting related press downtime

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"We are really happy we invested in the SAMM 800 2.0. The efficiency of our pre-press department significantly increased. Thanks to the SAMM, we don’t need to remount plates multiple times to achieve a high accuracy! The positioning and mounting are done automatically by the machine. The machine mounts plates extremely accurately and very fast.
And, also, I want to mention that the ROI was achieved within 2 years!”

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“We built a new Flexo factory at Demax DPI. Of course the SAMM is a part of our production process. There are 17 print units on the press and the SAMM is saving a lot of time for work preparation! The SAMM is very easy to use and a pleasure to work with. The machine is very fast, accurate and has a low maintenance costs.”

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A flexo printer in South America purchased a SAMM in 2014. This company is mounting between 15000 and 17000 sleeves per year and has 3 flexo printing presses. The chart below illustrates what the SAMM has done for this plant’s workflow.

Manual MountingAutomatic MountingAdvantages
Manual Mounting
2 traditional mounting machinesVS
Automatic Mounting
1 SAMM replaces 2 traditional mounting machines since it mounts twice as fast
Quick and spot on mounting, time and time again
Manual Mounting
2 operators in the mounting department per shiftVS
Automatic Mounting
1 operator in the mounting department per shift
$40,000 annual savings (based on average yearly expenses of a US employee)
Manual Mounting
15 hours of mounting related press downtime (per week)VS
Automatic Mounting
0 hours of mounting related press downtime (per week)
$175,000 annual savings (based on average downtime costs per hour of a narrow web printing press)
Manual Mounting
AV FlexologicAV Flexologic
Automatic Mounting
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Robotic positioning

Driven by the AV Flexologic software, the robotic table positions the mounting plate with high accuracy, each and every time. After positioning the vertically moving cylinder automatically comes up.

Quality Report (patented)

At the end of a mount the machine goes back to the zero position and compares the actual position with the position where the mounting mark should be.

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The deviations (in microns) are stored in a digital proof document, together with a picture of the mounted mark.

HD Ethernet Cameras

Using the latest technology in high - speed Ethernet cameras, AV Flexologic ensures crisp and sharp ultra-high resolution images, enabling an efficient and accurate mounting process.

Windows 10 (new)

Striving for the latest up to date technology, the SAMM 2.0 is equipped with Windows 10, which is fully compatible with our AVMOM software.

Pressure roller

The roller is used to apply the plates evenly over the carrier such as sleeve, cylinder or Mylar.

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The use of the pressure roller eliminates the typical "hand-rolling". The feature saves time and avoids un-ergonomic working procedures.

Automatic easyreg detection (optional)

Using our patented image recognition system, a visual mark on the edge of a sleeve such as W&H Easyreg strip can be automatically "set to zero" on the mounting machine by simply pushing a button.

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The camera automatically homes in on the Easyreg mark and also automatically "sets zero" in X and Y direction with 0.001 mm accuracy.

Cutting knife, Tape applicator or Tape holder (optional)

Used to increase efficiency and ease-of-use.

Vacuum table

To ensure highly accurate positioning, the vacuum system fixates the plate to the robotic table before positioning.

Workflow Automatic Mounting Machine

Workflow Automatic Mounting Machine

The patented SAMM is equipped with an intelligent system that automatically monitors and controls the positioning of flexo plates. The system is based on two co-ordinates (register-marks) applied on the photopolymer printing plate perpendicular to the print direction. Due to the iteration between the cameras and the self-moving mounting table the plates will be positioned extremely accurate.

The SAMM 800 2.0 is equipped with an automatic moving front table, which enables the machine to mount fully automatically one flexo plate. The automation of the mounting process provides consistent high quality, precision and constant repeatability.

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