Automatic Mounting Machine SAMM 2.0 800

The Automatic SAMM 2.0 is the world’s most accurate flexo plate mounter in the label and narrow-web industry. The next generation SAMM 800 is the narrower version of the awarded automatic flexo plate mounter SAMM 2.0 for wide-web. It offers unmatched accuracy, repeatability, and speed.

  • Automatic mounting
  • Eliminates press downtime
  • PDF Quality Report
  • Streamlined workflow
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Robotic Positioning 5μm Accuracy 60" Per plate

SAMM 2.0 800 - How does it work?

Automatic plate mounting on cylinders

Live Demo of the Automated Plate Mounter SAMM 2.0 800 - Label Expo Europe 2023

Automatic Mounter SAMM 2.0 800 for label printing

Easymount Software


Tape application in lanes with the tape holder

Tape Application on SAMM 2.0 800 Automatic Plate Mounter (Label Expo 2023)

Automatic Mounter SAMM 2.0 800 for printing labels

Tape Application using the SAMM 2.0 and the cutting knife

Tape application with the tape holder and the cutting knife

How to use the EASYREG

Automatic SAMM 2.0 800 workflow

SAMM 800 workflow video

SAMM 2.0 800 Features


Image Recognition software

A patented software that measures the exact position of the mounting marks before and after mounting. The measurements are used to position the plate accurately.


Automatic pressure roller

Ensures even mounting without any air inclusions. It automatically moves up and down providing safe and operator-free mounting.


Automatic HD cameras

Ultra-high-resolution cameras that move automatically into position. Given the coordinates of the mounting marks, the cameras move to the precise mounting position.


Robotic positioning

The positioning of the plate is done automatically using the vacuum mounting table and the patented Image Recognition system.


Quality report

The mounting marks are checked and a PDF is automatically created with the measurements of the Image Recognition.


Vertically moving cylinder

It allows a fixed distance between the cameras and the plate, so no focusing of the lenses is needed. The cylinder rotates also automatically.


Easymount software

The Easymount software allows easy job creation and storage in less than 1 minute. Using the cameras of the machine, the software recognizes the targets and measures the distance between them.


Laser pointers

Indicators of where the mounting marks are located for placing easily the plates.

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    Automatic EasyReg detection

  • 2

    Tape holder on precision rail

  • 3

    Barcode and QR code scanner

  • 4

    Cutting knife for applying tape

  • 5

    Cutting knife for plates

  • Success stories

    Business Case

    A flexo printer purchased a SAMM in 2014. This company is mounting between 15000 and 17000 sleeves per year and has 3 flexo printing presses. The chart below illustrates what the SAMM has done for this plant’s workflow.

    SAMM 800 A
    SAMM 800 B
    SAMM 800 CASE 3

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