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Our mission is to deliver highly innovative solutions for the flexographic industry. We strive to save costs, while increasing efficiency for our customers.

We believe it is possible to prevent all prepress-related downtime, while at the same time increase prepress department’s efficiency and overall productivity. We achieve this by digitalizing traditional workflows and continuously improving on existing equipment with advanced technology and inventing new equipment.

By being a customer-oriented company, our machines are made for our customers, by our customers.

AV Flexologic company team - about us

AV Flexologic is part of the Color Control Group, a privately owned group of companies in the Netherlands, owned by the Otten family. Piet and Matijn, father and son, run their business with high attention to detail and care for every customer. Their passion for innovation evolved the flexographic industry with the introduction of the Semi and Fully Automatic mounting machines in 2005.

AV Flexologic about us - history timeline


    Stephen Martin

    Stephen Martin

    Field Service Engineer

    Steve Martin joined AV Flexologic in March of 2018. He brings 18+ years of experience as a service engineer, as well as almost 15 years of experience in computers and programming. Steve resides in Chicago, IL which will make it easy to support customers in the Americas. His experience and location will help us solidify customer service in our region.

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    Bruce Hinkel

    Bruce Hinkel

    Technical Sales Manager AV Flexologic Americas

    Bruce Hinkel, with AV Flexologic since December 2017, brings 25+ years of flexo experience to the Americas team. “I joined Team Americas to align my passion and experience with the incredible technology and people of AV Flexologic. The products speak for themselves in terms of innovation and productivity, but it was the ownership and fantastic people that was most attractive to me.” Bruce has held roles in his career ranging from sales, and leadership, to manufacturing, bringing this experience to his position as Technical Sales Manager for AVF Americas. “With Tech Sleeves added to our portfolio, we have powerful solutions for the Flexo Industry”

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    Nathan Rank

    Nathan Rank

    Technical Support / Project Manager AV Flexologic Americas

    Nathan Rank joined AV Flexologic in the fall of 2017. He has 21+ years of experience in the flexographic industry. He has held positions throughout his career in computer graphic design, production art, manufacturing, and management. Beyond support with our mechanical equipment and sleeve products, Nathan has a great understanding of the complete Flexographic process, from plate manufacture to print. “I joined the Americas team because of our cutting edge technologies and focus on the future of the industry” said Nathan about his new role. His role as Technical Support/Project Manager, allows for more interactive collaboration on individual challenges our customers may have.

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    Garrett Taylor

    Garrett Taylor

    Vice President AV Flexologic Americas

    Garrett Taylor comes to AV Flexologic with over 20 years of experience in the Flexographic Printing Industry. He is excited to be on board and he states "the draw to this company is the innovation that AV Flexologic has developed for the flexographic market. Garrett also states that “AV Flexologic has potential to continuously redefine the plate mounting market for not only today, but the years to come. “More importantly, our goal in the Americas is to be an outlet for the Flexographic Printer and to help them become more efficient through expertise that our team brings to the market”.

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