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Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM 2.0)

The Automatic SAMM 2.0 is the world’s fastest and most accurate  flexo plate mounter. The machine mounts flexo plates onto sleeves with unmatched accuracy (5 microns), repeatability and speed. The next generation SAMM is AV Flexologic’s solution to common industry trends.

  • Extremely fast
  • Accurate
  • Operator independent

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“By introducing the SAMM 2.0 in our workflow we have reduced our press downtime and waste related to plate lifts and air bubbles. We also improved efficiency and increased mounting consistency to the press department. So far, the SAMM has eliminated our air bubbles and reduced plate lifts by over 75%; in turn, we have significantly reduced our press downtime caused by prepress-related issues.”

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"Investing money in the SAMM 2.0 1300 was a great decision! The SAMM 2.0 is a perfect combination of innovations that ensure better quality and higher productivity. Thanks to incredible precision of the SAMM the productivity in the prepress department is very high. The SAMM 2.0 mounts plates extremely fast, it takes only from 60 to 40 minutes for a 10 colors job.  Besides, it’s operator independent and very easy to use."

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“Since introducing the SAMM 2.0 into our workflow, we have realized significant workflow and productivity gains such as: 1 hour of additional mounting capacity in an 8-hour shift and 300 hours of additional press time annually due to full EasyReg functionality. The SAMM 2.0 is preferred by all over the previous mounting devices, due to the improved registration and the color-to-color accuracy. The machine recognizes pin holes from existing plates, in addition to marks on new plates, while it has improved operator ergonomics and offers higher operator satisfaction.

So far, the calculated return on investment will be approximately 14 months, based in press and mounting productivity gains.”

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Sealed Air Hamilton

“We got in touch with AV Flexologic via OPTI-flex ever since buying the SAMM 1500 our output is raised by 75%.
Looking back; I am now very relieved that we invested in this machine, I don’t know how we have done it without this machine.
The machine is so accurate that we are looking with a different eye to everything; maintaining the high quality where we stand for.
After all this machine made a difference for the operators as well: took of the working pressure & improved the workflow, which resulted in less downtime & stress!”

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A flexo printer in Europe purchased a SAMM in 2014. This company is mounting between 15000 and 17000 sleeves per year and has 3 flexo printing presses. The chart below illustrates what the SAMM has done for this plant’s workflow.

Manual MountingAutomatic MountingAdvantages
Manual Mounting
2 traditional manual mounting machinesVS
Automatic Mounting
1 SAMM replaces 2 traditional mounting machines since it mounts twice as fast
Quick and spot on mounting, time and time again
Manual Mounting
2 operators in the mounting department per shiftVS
Automatic Mounting
0.5 fte operator in the mounting department per shift
€140,000 annual labor savings
Manual Mounting
5 hours of mounting related press downtime (per week)VS
Automatic Mounting
0 hours of mounting related press downtime (per week)
€90,000 annual savings
Manual Mounting
AV FlexologicAV Flexologic
Automatic Mounting
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Image recognition software

Specialized software developed by AV Flexologic can "recognize" the mounting marks on the printing plates, which are used as the references for the mounting process.

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The ability to measure the positions not only during mounting but also after plates have been mounted provides endless possibilities to enhance a flexo printing production workflow.

HD Ethernet cameras

Using the latest technology in high - speed Ethernet cameras, AV Flexologic ensures crisp and sharp ultra-high resolution images, enabling an efficient and accurate mounting process.

Pressure roller

The roller is used to apply the plates evenly over the carrier such as sleeve, cylinder or Mylar.

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The use of the pressure roller eliminates the typical "hand-rolling". The feature saves time and avoids un-ergonomic working procedures.

Laser pointers

Laser pointers are mounted next to the cameras to indicate where the field of view of the cameras is.

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The mounting marks can be easily positioned in a fraction time, instead of having to search for the mounting marks in the camera image each time.

Quality report

After each plate is mounted, the machine has the ability to automatically check the tolerance of mounting plates using image recognition.

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A pdf quality report is generated on-the-fly with ability to check top and bottom.

Windows 10 (new)

Striving for the latest up to date technology, the SAMM 2.0 is equipped with Windows 10, which is fully compatible with our AVMOM software.

Synchronised Motorised Front Table (new, optional)

Because of this feature the front table moves with the same speed and at the same height throughout the entire process of plate mounting.

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This results into an increased mounting accuracy.

Nip Roll Tape Applicator (optional)

The tape applicator assists the tape application and adds speed to the workflow by allowing a fast an accurate tape application and minimum waste of materials.

Workflow Automatic Flexo Plate Mounting Machine

Workflow Automatic Flexo Plate Mounting Machine

The operator needs only to select the job to be performed and to place roughly the flexo plate onto the mounting table. After the plate is recognized, the machine automatically positions and adjusts the plate with the register marks using the patented Image Recognition software, all with an accuracy of 5 microns. The register marks can either be crosshairs, dots or reversed negative dots.

After the positioning of the plate, the machine automatically mounts the flexo plate using the motorized front table. The SAMM 2.0 features a staggering 30-second mounting speed fully operator independent, attending to higher quality demands and reducing press downtime.

While the automatic flexo plate mounter is mounting the flexo plate, the operator can focus on other tasks. Once the mounting process is complete, the machine automatically checks the tolerance of the mounting plates and generates a digital Quality Report.

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Workflow Automatic Flexo Plate Mounting Machine

Building on more than 10 years of experience

Designed to supply high quality demands, our focus on bringing innovative technology into each of our products has given our customers maximum precision with low costs.

SAMM 2.0 key advantages:

  • Elimination of press downtime due to mounting mistakes
  • Almost no operator interference
  • Higher productivity
  • Faster and more frequent job runs
  • Lower costs in the long run
  • Quality reports allow tracing issues and quickly resolving them
  • Elimination of waste in the production process
  • ERP integration for added efficiency and planning

With the change in the printing industry, where lead times are shorter and job runs more frequent, the workflow for operating the SAMM 2.0 was streamlined. By adding the Motorized Front Table, the flexo plate mounter gets even closer to a fully automatic mounter.

The SAMM 2.0 is very versatile and has many popular options available such as a nip-roll assisted tape applicator, TIR scanning device and cutting knives for plates or tape. The SAMM 2.0 is offered in the full wide-web flexo repeat range and printing widths.