Tech Cart®

Tech Cart® is used for easy transportation of printing sleeves, anilox sleeves and/or bridges. By holding the sleeves horizontally, it ensures that you can load and unload the sleeves without any extra physical effort. With the 360⁰ rotating wheels and cart handle, you can easily maneuver the cart around.

• Easy transportation of sleeves
• Easy loading/unloading
• No physical heavy lifting
• No damages to sleeves during transportation

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Tech Cart®


• Customized engineering
• Ergonomically designed
• Sturdy tubular steel structure
• Felt covered sleeve holder
• Rubber end rings
• 360⁰ rotating wheels
• Cart handle


Safe transportation of sleeves

Along with convenience, Tech Cart® also ensures safety for the sleeves. The felt covered sleeve holder prevents the inner core of the sleeve from scratches. The edge of the sleeve is protected by the rubber end ring on each sleeve holder. The tubular steel structure makes the cart extremely sturdy. Moreover, Tech Cart® can be customized to hold the number of sleeves you need and suit the sleeve sizes as per your requirement. Tech Cart® is thus the ultimate way to transport your sleeves.