RoboSLEEVE - Robotic Sleeve Loader

The RoboSLEEVE is a robotic sleeve handling system. The RoboSLEEVE picks-up the first taped sleeve from the Tech Cart and then, within seconds it loads it on the mandrel of the mounting machine. When the plate mounting process is over, the RoboSLEEVE unloads the mounted sleeve and places it back on the Tech Cart. The mounting process is safer and faster than ever! The RoboSLEEVE can also be combined with the RoboTAPE for a robotic plate and tape mounting.

  • Eliminates manual sleeve loading/unloading
  • Safe sleeve and adapter handling
  • Saves time and effort
  • Eliminates sleeve damage
  • Saves costs from buying new sleeves
  • Possible integration with the RoboTAPE
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RoboSLEEVE real-time video

real time video of robosleeve

RoboSLEEVE features


Fully automatic

The RoboSLEEVE will load the first taped sleeve of the Tech Cart onto the mandrel of the mounting machine. When the sleeve is mounted, it will place the sleeve back on the cart and pick-up the next sleeve


Multiple sleeve stork sizes

The RoboSLEEVE will make a tool change according to the inner diameter of the printing sleeve. Compatible for stork sizes from 240-1240


Adapter station

The adapter station is used to store all the adapters necessary for the different printing jobs and presses. The RoboSLEEVE picks-up an adapter and loads it on the mounting machine. Then, it continues with the first sleeve of the Tech Cart


Safety fence

The RoboSLEEVE is designed based on safety regulations including a safety fence of 2 meters height with an HMI console placed outside the fence.


Tech Cart

The RoboSLEEVE comes with a Tech Cart for up to 10 sleeves capacity. The Tech Cart provides safe and effortless transport for the sleeves


HMI console

The HMI console is used to set up jobs and start the loading and mounting process. XML files can be loaded into the system for a quick start-up.

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