Corrugated Tape Laminator 1700

The Corrugate Postprint Tape Laminator 1700 is specifically designed to ensure the even and bubble-free application of double-sided adhesive tape onto flexographic printing plates. With the highest level of automation, the advanced Laminator 1700 is the ideal workflow enhancer for trade shops, where the plate can be manually or automatically cut into plate patches after tape lamination.

  • Fast and consistent corrugated tape lamination thanks to automation
  • Elimination of air bubbles, for an even lamination
  • Reduces tape waste
  • Highest operator safety and less effort
Automatic Tape lamination Perfect tape adherence to the plate Automatic measure of tape pressure

Tape Laminator 1700 - Full Option Software

Tape Laminator 1700 full option software

Tape Laminator 1700 -Standard Software

Tape Laminator 1700 standard software

The unique Laminator 1700 features


Automated lamination

Minimized effort and highest safety for the operator: insert job setting and press one pedal, the rest is automated. The Laminator measures the position of the plating and the amount of pressure required for each work. Then, the foam pressure roller ensures an even pressure on the printing and non-printing area of the plate.


User-friendly interface

The software interface is very easy to use: insert the job settings in no time, save reports that can be visioned later. The interface is designed also for non-experts.


Automated knife

The Automated knife cuts the tape with one click, in a perfect straight line. The knife is positioned inside a protective glass, for the maximum operator safety.


Double tape spools

Two different type of tape spools can be easily changed. Positioned to the bottom of the Laminator, the tape spools can be rapidly switched, based on the requirements.

Tape Laminator 1700 Full Option

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    Full Option Software

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    Front and back tables

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    Tape length tool

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