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Fully Automatic Mounting Machine (FAMM) 2.0

The Fully Automatic Mounting Machine (FAMM2.0) is AV Flexologic’s state of the art automatic flexo plate mounter. This machine is able to automatically mount plates onto sleeves or cylinders using patented image recognition technology with a precision down to 5 microns. For already more than 10 years the FAMM model has dramatically changed pre-press departments all over the world.

The automatic flexo plate mounter is suitable for every flexible packaging printer and is developed for our customers who demand the highest standards in mounting speed, repeatability, consistency and accuracy. The FAMM 2.0 flexo mounter has won several awards, among them the FTA’s technical innovation award.


Business case

A leading flexo printing plant with 6 printing presses recently purchased a FAMM. This company handles 22.000 – 24.000 sleeves annually. See the chart below.

Manual MountingFully Automatic MountingAdvantages
Manual Mounting
3 traditional manual mounting machinesVS
Fully Automatic Mounting
1 FAMM replaces 3 traditional mounters as the FAMM is three times more efficient
Quick and spot on mounting. Your operator can attend other tasks while the machine mounts
Manual Mounting
3 operators in the mounting department per shiftVS
Fully Automatic Mounting
1 operator in the mounting department per shift
$80,000 annual savings (based on average yearly expenses of a US employee)
Manual Mounting
15-20 hours of mounting related press downtime (per week)VS
Fully Automatic Mounting
0 hours of mounting related press downtime (per week)
$ 375,000 annual savings (based on average downtime costs per hour for a wide web printing press)


Image Recognition (patented)

Intelligent AV Flexologic software recognizes any register marks, consequently the machine positions the plate with a precision down to 5 microns.

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After mounting an automatic quality check is done using image recognition in order to ensure the precision of the mount.

Automatic positioning

A robotic manipulator automatically positions the flexo plates with a precision of 5 microns.

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The advanced image recognition system in combination with the automatic positioning makes the FAMM 2.0 is the fastest flexo plate mounting machine in the world.

HD Ethernet Cameras

A high speed connection combined with sharp images and a zoom up to 170x enables the machine to mount the plates quickly and with high precision.

Conveyor belt

The operator simply places the to-be-mounted plates on the conveyor belt and the machine does the rest.

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The conveyor belt transports the plates to the pick-up position where a camera recognizes the mounting mark. Subsequently the FAMM's robotic arm picks up the plate and places it on the correct mounting position.

Pressure Roller

After positioning the printing plates, the pressure roller fixes the plate onto the sleeve or cylinder. The pressure roller ensures air bubble free, quick and smooth mounting.

Multiple safety features

To ensure risk-free operation, the FAMM is equipped with light beams and multiple other sensors that do not allow movement near to where the machine mounts the flexo plate.

Digital proof report of mounting results

At the end of a mount the machine goes back to the zero position and compares the actual position with the position where the mounting mark should be.

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The deviations (in microns) are stored in a digital proof document, together with a picture of the mounted mark.

Easy-Reg (optional)

The machine automatically finds the zero position of the W&H Easyreg mark and uses this zero-position as a reference for positioning and mounting the marks.

Automatic Flexo Plate Mounter

Automatic Flexo Plate Mounter

Using the patented image recognition system, the FAMM 2.0 flexo plate mounter can recognize the register marks on the flexo plate. The only responsibility of the operator is to select a job and put the printing plates on the conveyor belt. The plate mounter then transports the plate to a pick-up location. The automatic flexo plate mounter cameras then recognize the marks and begins the mounting process. The robotic manipulator picks up the flexo plate and places it in the correct mounting position. The mounting table’s vacuum system switches on to fix on the printing plate before final positioning. The final adjustments that are down to 5 microns are performed by the robotic manipulator in combination with the moving back table. While the plates are automatically mounted onto the sleeves the operator is able to work on a different task in the production line.

Automatic flexo plate mounter finish

After mounting the flexo plate onto the sleeve the FAMM goes back to the idle position to conduct a quality check. When the mounting marks are within tolerance the machine continues to mount the next plate on the sleeve. The machine can mount one or more plates per sleeve and can stagger the plates automatically.


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Automatic Flexo Plate Mounter

The result of more than 10 years of R&D and experience

  • New generation FAMM
  • The world’s most accurate, fast and consistent mounting machine
  • Highest accuracy of measurements and positioning
  • Minimum job set-up time
  • Quality reports to improve your prepress workflow
  • Maximum operator efficiency
  • No mounting related press downtime
  • Customer ERP integration upon request


A FAMM customer: "I would recommend to any printer that if volumes are warranted, the purchase of a FAMM is something that should be seriously considered. The machine is basically maintenance free and is extremely simple to use."


Today's printers have to deal with shorter job runs, higher set-up costs and increased quality demands. To manage capacity and to deliver the quality that the market nowadays requests, automation in the mounting department is a must.

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Amcor has been working with AV Flexologic's for over 15 years. The machines are placed all over the world in their different plants.
“In 2011 I travelled to Cumbria to see the FAMM in action at the SGS plant that serviced Amcor in the region. I was instantly intrigued by the simplicity and incredibly efficient output of the FAMM. I then travelled to Holland and viewed 2 FAMMS in operation at Elopak, again incredible output."

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Segers & Balcaen

Segers & Balcaen is a family-owned flexible packaging and technical film producer based in Liedekerke, Belgium. The Company manages their product life cycle from extrusion to final packaging product. Since 2014, Segers & Balcaen is running their plate-mounting and stripping area on a Fully Automatic Mounting Machine (FAMM), in combination with the Demounter, for stripping plates

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The addition of the FAMM to their workflow has dramatically increased the precision and quality of their mounting process. These are values held in high regard by SGS. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, their track record shows customer satisfaction and successful brand placement on a global scale. SGS has adopted the Lean Business System which ensures that project workflow is customized and adjusted for specific customer requirements. With the addition of the FAMM to their workflow,

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Clear Lam

Clear Lam develops and manufactures flexible packages for foods, personal health care products, electronics and detergents. They are located in the USA and China where they produce hundreds of products for consumer packaged goods companies, retailers and other industrial manufacturers. An important factor of business for Clear Lam is that they minimize their impact on the environment. Clear Lam obtained a FAMM in 2010. Since Clear Lam is using the FAMM, the company is saving a lot of time. Operators attend to other tasks, while the FAMM is taking care of the mounting job. The FAMM suits the people focused environment of Clear Lam. The continuously improving workflow of the company has experienced a substantial boost after the FAMM was adopted into their operations.

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