Easy Motorized Mounting with MOM Upside-Down

The MOM USD is an ergonomic motorized mounting machine for labels. It is equipped with all the AV Flexologic standard features and ensures high quality results. With robust construction, this machine offers easy manual plate mounting facilitated by motorized cameras.

  • Easy motorized plate mounting
  • Motorized cameras with encoders for high quality mounting
  • No air inclusions
  • Large table for ergonomic workflow
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Motorized cameras For cylinders and sleeves No air Inclusions

Precision Mounting with the MOM USD 800 at Label Expo Europe 2023

Flexo Plate Mounter MOM USD 800 Label Expo Europe

MOM USD product video

Motorized MOM USD real-time video

Mom Usd Thumb


Cushioned table with vacuum

Large and sturdy mounting table with vacuum. Very easy to handle.


Motorized cameras

The motorized cameras are adjusted through the encoder. They are located below the mounting table.


Clamping system

The pneumatic clamping system works with 2 (or more) cones that are customized to your needs. You can load cylinders and/or sleeves.


Laser pointers

Indicators of where the mounting marks are located for placing easily the plates.


Vertically moving cylinder

Once the plate is positioned the cylinder moves vertically down. There is no need to focus the camera lenses.

Ergonomic features

  • 1

    Automatic table lock

  • 2

    Camera encoders

  • 3

    Handle with control button

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