The Optimount is Flexologic’s premier motorized mounting machine for mounting plates onto mylars for the corrugated segment. The motorized flexo plate mounter postprint system was built around the goal of offering unmatched ease of use, flexibility, and accuracy for mounting plates in an industry that demands the highest quality workflow process.

The machine features a system that is designed around two register-marks that are applied onto the printing plate perpendicular to the print direction. Two motorized positioned cameras allow the operator to accurately mount a plate with the quickest speed. The mounting positions are then able to be saved and recalled at any time to allow a faster mounting workflow by eliminating the setup process of previous systems.



A fixed one-size-fits all mounting cylinder

A computer controlled electronic motor directly drives the cylinder (gearless). The mounting cylinder is standard provided with a locking strip for the so-called Matthews or Bobst system, however other systems can be realized as well.

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The SAMM Postprint software automatically calculates any distortion based on the information provided in the job (mylar thickness, etc.). Distortion is then digitally compensated. This one mounting drum is thus suitable for all presses.

HD Ethernet Cameras

A high speed connection combined with sharp images, zoom up to 170x and a 40” monitor enables the operator to observe the machine mounting the plate with precision.

Overlay system (patented)

Once the first plate is in the right position, the overlay module enables the operator to take snapshots of the mounting marks, which are then shown semi-transparently when mounting the other plates.

Touchscreen monitor

For quick and easy job entry and job retrieval.

Optional proofing cylinder

A proofing cylinder with digital adjustment for a perfect proof is available for the SAMM Postprint. In this case, after mounting the plate cylinder is automatically brought to the correct position for pulling a proof.

Overlay system explained

Overlay system explained

The Optimount is constructed with the latest innovative techniques which create a sturdy frame with heavy duty cylinder brackets. These are temperature treated and a grinded camera beam is added with double linear guiding. This is to ensure the best calibration and excellent accurate results.

Additionally the motorized flexo plate mounter postprint is also equipped with a proofing drum for making proof prints after mounting, distortion calculation software and a mounter proofer with a mirror that enables the user to mount using a plot or a design on the proof paper as a reference.

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Overlay system explained

Workflow optimizing solutions

  • Compatible with ESKO PlatePatcher and Hybrid Patchplanner software.
  • Compatible with most PDF type workflows. The machine can import the output file that contains the positions of the mounting marks. The cameras automatically move to the correct mounting positions.
  • Connections with ERP settings for job entry.
  • Barcode scanners to pull the job information with the coordinates from your database.
  • Remote support through internet.
  • Offline filling database that enables the input of new jobs from a separate computer.

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Americk Primopost is used to adopting the highest quality in flexographic print processes. They believe you should: “Add value through print quality”. Primopost continuously invests in optimizing the print quality and price of their operations. In 2012 they have installed the AV Flexologic MOM DD1500 and Demounter which help reaching this goal substantially. The MOM DD ensures a much improved mounting process that limits the downtime of the workflow. The Demounter contributes to the same goal, by quickly and safely demounting their plates Primopost saves time and ensures high quality plates in storage.

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Clear Lam

Clear Lam develops and manufactures flexible packages for foods, personal health care products, electronics and detergents. They are located in the USA and China where they produce hundreds of products for consumer packaged goods companies, retailers and other industrial manufacturers. An important factor of business for Clear Lam is that they minimize their impact on the environment. Clear Lam obtained a FAMM in 2010. Since Clear Lam is using the FAMM, the company is saving a lot of time. Operators attend to other tasks, while the FAMM is taking care of the mounting job. The FAMM suits the people focused environment of Clear Lam. The continuously improving workflow of the company has experienced a substantial boost after the FAMM was adopted into their operations.

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Thanks to the replacement of AV Flexologic's MOM machines by the FAMM and SAMM, we are now able to cope in the mounting department with increased capacity and printing quality.

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The addition of the FAMM to their workflow has dramatically increased the precision and quality of their mounting process. These are values held in high regard by SGS. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, their track record shows customer satisfaction and successful brand placement on a global scale. SGS has adopted the Lean Business System which ensures that project workflow is customized and adjusted for specific customer requirements. With the addition of the FAMM to their workflow,

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