Highly Efficient Motorized Corrugated Mounting Machine 'Optimount'

The Optimount is a high-end motorized mounting machine for mounting flexo plates onto mylars.

  • Ideal for small corrugated patches
  • Fast, accurate & ergonomic mounting
  • Accurate proofing of plates
  • Automatic HD cameras for high mounting results
  • Easy job creation
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Optimount workflow video

Optimount's Features


Overlay System (patented)

Once the first plate is on the right position, a snapshot can be taken and used semi-transparently for the next plates.


One size fits all cylinder.

The software automatically calculates any distortion which is then digitally compensated. This one mounting drum is thus suitable for all presses.


Motorized HD cameras

Ultra high definition cameras moving to the exact position of the mounting marks.


Proofing cylinder

After mounting the proofing cylinder is automatically brought to the correct position for pulling a proof.


Quality report

The machine takes snapshots of the mounting marks and creates a PDF report


Laser pointers

Indicators of where the mounting marks are located for placing easily the plates.

Optimount's Options

  • 1

    Mylar automatic drawing pen

  • 2

    Barcode scanner

  • 3

    Proof paper automatic drawing pen

  • 4

    Esko/Hybrid software

  • 5

    Pressure roller

  • 6

    Tape holder

  • 7

    Mylar centering pin

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