The Optimount is Flexologic’s premier motorized mounting machine for mounting plates onto mylars for the corrugated segment. Over the years this mounting and proofing machine for flexo printing plates on mylars has been highly valued by many customers from all over the world.


  • The ultimate workhorse of Corrugated postprint
  • A reliable machine with the newest features
  • Easy to operate
  • Elimination of the setup process of previous systems
  • Accurate mounting and proofing
  • Easy color to color registration

Corrugated Portfolio


OEC Graphics

"With numerous installations across North America, OEC Graphics and AV Flexologic have forged a partnership that has allowed OEC to successfully expand our organization by offering the highest quality products in the market. This is, in no small way, due to the deployment of AV’s latest technologies and AV’s capacity to work in conjunction with other OEC partners to optimize our entire workflow.

AV’s capacity to innovate has produced unique solutions for OEC that has allowed us to maintain our competitive advantage and continue our success into our second century.”

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A fixed one-size-fits all mounting cylinder

A computer controlled electronic motor directly drives the cylinder (gearless). The mounting cylinder is standard provided with a locking strip for the so-called Matthews or Bobst system, however other systems can be realized as well.

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The software automatically calculates any distortion based on the information provided in the job (mylar thickness, etc.). Distortion is then digitally compensated. This one mounting drum is thus suitable for all presses.

HD Ethernet Cameras

A high speed connection combined with sharp images, zoom up to 170x and a 40” monitor enables the operator to observe the machine mounting the plate with precision.

Overlay system (patented)

Once the first plate is in the right position, the overlay module enables the operator to take snapshots of the mounting marks, which are then shown semi-transparently when mounting the other plates.

Touchscreen monitor

For quick and easy job entry and job retrieval.

Optional proofing cylinder

A proofing cylinder with digital adjustment for a perfect proof is available for the machine. In this case, after mounting the plate cylinder is automatically brought to the correct position for pulling a proof.



 The Optimount is equipped with a computer that controls the motorized positioning of the cameras as well as the gearless rotation of the mounting and proofing cylinder. Each mounting position can be reached in seconds. The exact position is stored and can be recalled at any time.
The automatic positioning of both cameras and cylinders simplifies the mounting job, which improves and accelerates results considerably. The cameras view shows the combination of the image of the proof on the proofing cylinder and the position of the printing plates on the dummy cylinder.

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Workflow optimizing solutions

  • Compatible with ESKO PlatePatcher and Hybrid Patchplanner software.
  • Compatible with most PDF type workflows. The machine can import the output file that contains the positions of the mounting marks. The cameras automatically move to the correct mounting positions.
  • Connections with ERP settings for job entry.
  • Barcode scanners to pull the job information with the coordinates from your database.
  • Remote support through internet.
  • Offline filling database that enables the input of new jobs from a separate computer.