The Cosmoline reduces the plate handling for the operator by automating the process of washing your (Toyobo) flexo printing plates. After placing the plate in the machine, it will then be transported automatically through the inline processor.

The plate is washed out in a mixture of water and 2% dishwasher soap. Instead of several round brushes, the Cosmoline is equipped with one large rotating plate brush, which increases the area covered in the washing process, followed by a second brush that rolls over the plate, removing any left-over residue. Then, the machine dries the plate, providing you with a perfectly processed flexo printing plate. In addition, it is possible to filter the photopolymer from the water by using our membrane filter, and to adjust the machine according to your own needs.



  • Complete structure in stainless steel
  • Inline processing
  • High output capacity
  • Consistent perfect plate quality
  • Membrane filter
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Automatic PH dozer
  • Touch Screen PLC functions
  • Temperature control
  • Adjustable brush

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Processing a water-washable flexo plate

The plate is washed out in a mixture of water with 2% soap, at a temperature of approximately 40°C.

Optional features:

  • Exposure unit with UVA and UVC lights
  • Centrifugal filtering

Learn more about the plate making process and flexo printing plates.
Flexo Printing plates

For additional information about the Cosmoline and All Flexo, the official distributor of AV Flexologic’s plate making equipment, visit their website.
All Flexo website

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Mission Labels

Mission Labels recently acquired an Aquasupreme, one of AV Flexologic’s waterwashable flexo plate making machines. Dave Humphrey: “We are very enthusiastic about the way the Aquasupreme doubles our capacity. It means that we are able to compete and take a much firmer stand in the market. It also means that we have saved a significant amount of costs with this investment.” He mentions: “My personal advice to anyone looking to invest in plate making facilities, is to opt for this water wash.”

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Thanks to the replacement of AV Flexologic's MOM machines by the FAMM and SAMM, we are now able to cope in the mounting department with increased capacity and printing quality.

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Boran Packaging

Boran Plastic Packaging has recently purchased a Semi Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM) 1300 and is happy to report its experiences. The company tells AV Flexologic: “The operational effectiveness has improved significantly compared to the old way of mounting. We are especially impressed by the image recognition software that automatically detect the microdots. The quality of the process of mounting plates has never been better and we now have perfect registration and great repeatability of the mounting.”

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Amcor has been working with AV Flexologic's for over 15 years. The machines are placed all over the world in their different plants.
“In 2011 I travelled to Cumbria to see the FAMM in action at the SGS plant that serviced Amcor in the region. I was instantly intrigued by the simplicity and incredibly efficient output of the FAMM. I then travelled to Holland and viewed 2 FAMMS in operation at Elopak, again incredible output."

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