Manual Mounting Machine

The TableTop is an entry level flexo plate mounting machine for labels. The TableTop is suitable for cylinders and/or sleeves, as it can be equipped with brackets or cones to support cylinders or an air shaft for sleeves.

Accuracy Adjustable cameras Cylinders and Sleeves

Table Top workflow video

Hd Ethernet Cameras

TableTop at Labelexpo 2019

Tabletop At Labelexpo 2019

TableTop Features


Large screen

The large screen displays the mounting marks as shown through the HD cameras


Cone system or Air mandrel

The clamping system supports 2 customized cones for cylinders. For mounting with sleeves a customized air shaft is created.


Sturdy frame

AV Flexologic uses solid steel to make the frame as firm as it can be. Therefore the base is set for precise mounting.


HD Ethernet cameras

A high-speed connection combined with sharp images, zoom up to 170x.

TableTop Options

  • 1

    Tape holder

  • 2

    Mounting table

  • TableTop Range

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