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TableTop flexo plate mounter

The TableTop flexo plate mounter is the manual mounting machine for the narrow web industry. This easy-to-use machine can be equipped with cones for locking either sleeves or cylinders. This supports the print cylinder shaft or alternatively an air mandrel for sleeves.

• Easy to use
• Touch Screen
• Equipped with the patented Overlay System
• Accurate and quick mounting

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HD Ethernet Cameras

A high speed connection combined with sharp images, zoom up to 170x and a touchscreen enables the operator to mount the plate with highest precision.

Overlay system (patented)

Once the first plate is in the right position, the overlay module enables the operator to take snapshots of the mounting marks, which are then shown semi-transparently when mounting the other plates.

Customized air mandrel or clamping system

The sleeve-dedicated machines are equipped with an air mandrel and the cylinder dedicated machines are supplied with a pneumatic clamping system.

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For a sleeve and cylinder combination machine AV Flexologic's engineering team designs a special clamping system.

Sturdy frame

AV Flexologic uses solid steel to make the frame as firm as it can be. Therefore the base is set for precise mounting.

Options for easy flexo plate mounting

Options for easy flexo plate mounting

Mounting Table: to support the plate during the mounting process. An air spring prevents the table from dropping down while positioning the table.

Cutting knife: a special round knife with thin lip. The sleeve is not damaged during cutting since the lip slides under the tape.

Tape holder: to hold tape parallel to the mounting cylinder, so the operator can mount the tape fast and correct.

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Options for easy flexo plate mounting

Three types of TableTops:

The TableTop Standard for cylinders. The plate cylinder is placed and fixed onto one adjustable and one fixed cylinder support bracket. There are cylinder support clips, which lock the cylinder in position whilst mounting.

The TableTop Disc for sleeves is provided with 2 cones that clamp the sleeve in the right position. The operator controls the pneumatic clamping system with a foot pedal. The cones are made according to customer specification and can also be equipped with a central pin for locking cylinders as well as sleeves.

The TableTop Air Cylinder for sleeves has an airshaft for the mounting process of sleeves. A bracket on the right hand side can be opened to conveniently change the sleeves.