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TIR Sleeve Measurement System

The TIR measurement system is the winner of the International print & innovation award 2015. It analyses the quality of the printing sleeve or cylinder by measuring the “3D landscape” of the surface.


  • Reduction of press downtime due to worn out printing sleeves which end up in the flexographic printing press
  • Ability to identify out-of-spec sleeves
  • Better control over the printing process
  • Stores the measurement report
  • Quick and easy usage
  • Rigid steel construction


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Measuring the condition of sleeves and cylinders

Measuring the condition of sleeves and cylinders

The TIR system is designed to measure the 3D landscape of printing sleeves.  With this information, it is possible to: :

  • have a good insight into the condition of sleeves;
  • build up a record with exact sleeve conditions of each sleeve in stock;
  • predict the necessary pressure for each sleeve needed in the press to get a good print quality;
  • create a good inventory of sleeves which are fit for use;
  • create a record of ready to use sleeves and have a possibility to measure each sleeve;
  • reduce the need to adjust the pressure of a sleeve during set up of the press.

All data that comes from the measurement head is stored together with the position. When the whole sleeve is measured we have the 3D landscape.

Measuring the condition of sleeves and cylinders

Analyzing and interpreting the data

The measured data is analyzed in both horizontal and vertical direction and gives:

  • An overall average
  • A maximum and minimum
  • Out-of-roundness
  • Topography of the complete sleeve

The actual measured data is added to the record of the sleeve or cylinder. The operator can also print out  quality report of the the topography sleeve.