TIR Sleeve Measurement System

The TIR Sleeve Measurement System analyses the quality of the printing sleeve or cylinder by measuring the "3D landscape" of the surface with an accuracy of 5 microns. It also creates a record of the condition of the sleeve or cylinder.

5 μm Accuracy Prevents Downtime

TIR Sleeve Measurement System product video

TIR product video

Tape application on the SQIS



Automatic moving HD cameras

Ultra high definition cameras moving according to the stored data in the system


Vertically moving cylinder

It allows a fixed distance of the cameras to the plate, so no focusing of the lenses is needed.


Advanced software

Latest AV MOM software for analyzing and storing information about the condition of the sleeve.


Laser scan

The laser scans and analyzes the 3D landscape of the sleeve or the mandrel. Then a report is created


Camera for EasyReg

Using the calibration data by scanning the mandrel and the sleeve, the Easyreg sign is detected


Pressure roller (optional)

The pressure roller is used for applying tape after scanning the sleeve. It eliminates any air bubbles.

Sleeve Quality Inspection System Options

  • 1

    Pressure roller

  • 2

    Cutting knife

  • 3

    Tape holder

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