Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine SAMM Preprint

The SAMM Preprint is a semi-automatic flexo plate mounter for the corrugated pre-print industry. The machine places the plate accurately(5 μm) providing high quality and consistent mounting.

5μm accuracy No air inclusions Highly efficient


Image Recognition

The position of the mounting marks is measured and the plate is placed accurately (5μm) based on that.


Vacuum table

To ensure maximum accuracy, the vacuum system fixates the plate to the robotic table before positioning


Pressure roller

Ensures mounting with equal pressure and without air inclusion


HD Ethernet cameras

Ultra high definition cameras moving to the exact position of the mounting marks.



The machine is equipped with 2 touchscreens for easily creating, selecting and storing jobs.


Laser pointers

Indicators of where the mounting marks are located for placing easily the plates.


Overlay System (patented)

Once the first plate is on the right position, a snapshot can be taken and used semi-transparently for the next plates.


Digital calibration of camera beam

The camera images are used in a calibration procedure to create a lookup table to digitally ‘straighten’ any deviations in the camera beam, down to 10 μm over the entire width of the camera beam/sleeve

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