Automatic Mounting Machine Upside-Down SAMM USD

The Automatic SAMM Upside-Down is an extremely precise, fast and easy to use flexo plate mounting machine for labels. It requires nearly no operator skills to mount with this machine. The machine positions the plate automatically using the patented Image Recognition software and the cushioned vacuum table.

  • Automatic plate positioning (5μm)
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Easy job creation and storage
  • Efficient mounting without air bubbles
  • Sturdy construction
Robotic Positioning 5μm Accuracy Cylinder and Sleeves

Automatic SAMM USD workflow video

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Automatic SAMM USD at Labelexpo 2019

SAMM USD At Labelexpo 2019

SAMM USD Features


Image recognition

Measures precisely the position of the mounting marks with 5 microns accuracy. The measurements are used to position the plate accurately.


Cushioned table with vacuum

Large and sturdy vacuum table that positions the plate automatically. It also eliminates air bubbles.


Automatic moving cameras

High-resolution Ethernet cameras which move automatically into position. They are located below the cushioned table.


Quality check

After mounting, the cylinder rotates and the mounting accuracy is checked using Image Recognition. Based on the set tolerance, the software determines whether the plate is mounted accurately and gives the 'OK' signs.


Cone system

This pneumatic clamping system works with 2 (or more) cones that are customized to your needs. Suitable for fixing cylinders and/or sleeves.


Windows 10

Windows 10 icon-based AV Flexologic mounting software for easy job creation and storage. The user interface is optimized to offer the best operator experience.

Ergonomic features

  • 1

    Automatic table lock

  • 2

    Camera encoders

  • 3

    Handle with control button

  • 4

    Vertically moving cylinder

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