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Automatic Mounting Machine Upside-Down (SAMM USD)

The automatic flexo plate mounter SAMM Upside Down is an extremely precise, fast and easy to operate flexographic mounting machine for cylinders and sleeves. Mounting with this machine requires nearly no operator skills, since the machine automatically positions the plate.

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Business case

Manual MountingAutomatic MountingAdvantages
Manual Mounting
3 traditional mounting machinesVS
Automatic Mounting
1 SAMM replaces 3 manual mounting machines, since it can mount for all 5 presses
No need for remounting, always the same accuracy
Manual Mounting
3 operators in the mounting department per shiftVS
Automatic Mounting
1 operator in the mounting department per shift
€70,000 annual savings (based on average yearly expenses for an EU-employee)
Manual Mounting
9 hours of mounting related press downtime per weekVS
Automatic Mounting
0 hours of mounting related press downtime per week
€94,000 annual savings (based on average downtime costs per hour of a narrow web printing press)


Image recognition software

Specialized software developed by AV Flexologic can "recognize" the mounting marks on the printing plates, which are used as the references for the mounting process.

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The ability to measure the positions not only during mounting but also after plates have been mounted provides endless possibilities to enhance a flexo printing production workflow.

HD Ethernet Cameras

A high speed connection combined with sharp images, zoom up to 170x and a touchscreen monitor enables the operator to mount the plate with highest precision.

Laser pointers

Laser pointers are mounted next to the cameras to indicate where the field of view of the cameras is.

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The mounting marks can be easily positioned in a fraction time, instead of having to search for the mounting marks in the camera image each time.

Automatic positioning

The table of the SAMM moves the plate into the right position with a precision of 5 microns.

Camera encoders

The operator moves the cameras to the desired mounting positions by merely rotating the encoder wheels.

Windows based mounting software

Windows software on the machine incorporates the latest in AV Flexologic mounting software. The software is very user friendly and fast to operate with.

Cushioned table with vacuum

This table is acts like a support when positioning the plate and as a cushion to stick the plate onto the sleeve,eliminating air-bubbles between the flexo plate and tape. The vacuum holds the plate in place while the table positions it down to the micron.

Clamping System

The pneumatic clamping system works with 2 (or more) cones. Which are engineered to the customer’s choice of sleeve and/or cylinder.

Workflow of the flexo plate mounter machine

Workflow of the flexo plate mounter machine

The operator first loads the sleeve onto the mandrel or the cylinder into the pneumatically operated quick-lock clamping system. The machine then provides the option to load a previously created job, a just created job, or to move the cameras to the mounting position using encoders, creating a job in the process without manual entry. The operator then places the plate on a mounting table that is constructed in a fixed working height. The table consists of a large back and front part, enabling smaller and larger plates to be positioned before mounting them on the sleeve.

With its laser pointers, HD Cameras and an HD monitor, the flexo plate mounter Upside Down can quickly and accurately position the plate. This is where the mounting machine takes over from the operator, in order to ensure precision up to 5 micron. Once the plate is in position, the cylinder moves vertically down to fixate the plate, giving the highest possible fixation accuracy. The back-and-forth movement of the table allows for quick and easy mounting of the plate on the cylinder. The table functions as a pressure roller to eliminate air bubbles.

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Workflow of the flexo plate mounter machine

Direct Drive

The flexo plate mounter Upside Down is also available at the Automatic Mounting Machine Upside Down Direct Drive, the SAMM USD DD.

This option is equipped with a motor driven air mandrel. For instance, the table moves to position the plate and the mandrel goes down automatically. Then, the table and the mandrel are driven by the motor to attach the plate. This results in a safer machine with less effort needed from the operator.