Automatic SAMM Postprint for precise & consistent corrugated plate mounting

The Automatic SAMM Postprint is the most advanced corrugated mounting machine for mounting flexo plates onto mylars. The machine mounts and proofs the flexo plates with extreme accuracy and consistency thanks to its unique robotic plate positioning.

  • Eliminates mounting related press downtime
  • Guarantee of high-quality mounting
  • Automatic positioning of plates
  • Optional features for an optimal plate mounting and proofing
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5μm Accuracy Printing Proof Robotic Positioning

Automatic SAMM Postprint product video

samm postprint video

Automatic SAMM Postprint workflow video

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SAMM Postprint real-time video

Samm Postprint Video Real Time

SAMM Postprint Features


Image Recognition software

A patented software that measures the exact position of the mounting marks before and after mounting. The measurements are used to position the plate accurately.


One size fits all cylinder

The software automatically calculates any distortion which is then digitally compensated. This one mounting drum is thus suitable for all presses.


Robotic positioning

The plate is positioned extremely accurately using the Image Recognition and the vacuum table which fixates the plate in the correct position.


Proofing cylinder

After mounting the proofing cylinder is automatically brought to the correct position for pulling a proof.


Pressure roller

Ensures mounting with equal pressure and without air inclusions


Automatic HD cameras

Ultra-high-resolution cameras that move automatically into position. Given the coordinates of the mounting marks, the cameras move to the precise mounting position.


Laser pointers

Indicators of where the mounting marks are located for placing easily the plates.


Quality report

The mounting marks are checked and a PDF is automatically created with the measurements of the Image Recognition.


  • 1

    Barcode and QR code scanner

  • 2

    Mylar automatic drawing pen

  • 3

    Esko/Hybrid software

  • 4

    Proof paper automatic drawing pen

  • 5

    Mylar centering pin

  • 6

    Tape holder

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