Flatmount 3000

The Flatmount is the all-star motorized flat flexo plate mounter for mounting on mylar sheets. It uses the latest patent technology from AV Flexologic to mount plates accurately and quickly. The motorized flat flexo plate mounter machine is the optimum option for the corrugated industry.

  • Accurate
  • Quick mounting on mylars
  • Equipped with the patented Overlay System

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Ben Dunlop, the CFO of Kirk Group stated: “We’ve just ordered our second Flatmount machine from AV Flexologic. These machines are easy to use and deliver mounting accuracy which is second to none. We know with the Flatmount that the job will be done right, first time every time, and our customer couldn’t be happier with the results.”

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"We have invested in a new mounter because it can mount faster and the quality is very good. So, our customers are very happy with the printing plates. On the Flatmount, you can mount 30% faster than on a round machine. It is also possible to get a Quality Report for the customer. So, the customer can see for himself that everything is correct."

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Overlay system (patented)

Once the first plate is in the right position, the overlay module enables the operator to take snapshots of the mounting marks, which are then shown semi-transparently when mounting the other plates.

HD Ethernet Cameras

A high speed connection combined with sharp images, zoom up to 170x and a 40” monitor enables the operator to observe the machine mounting the plate with precision.

Laser pointers

Laser pointers are mounted next to the cameras to indicate where the field of view of the cameras is.

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The mounting marks can be easily positioned in a fraction time, instead of having to search for the mounting marks in the camera image each time.

Digital calibration of camera beam (patented)

The camera images are used in a calibration procedure to create a lookup table to digitally ‘straighten’ any deviations in the camera beam, down to 10 μm over the entire width of the camera beam / sleeve.

Pressure Roller (optional)

After positioning the printing plates, the pressure roller fixes the plate onto the Mylar. The pressure roller ensures air bubble free, quick and smooth mounting.

Patented Image Recognition (optional)

The quality control system gives an 'OK' sign when the plate is positioned within the set tolerance. This gives the operator the security that the position of the plate is correct before sticking it to the flexo tape.

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This feature can be used once more as a quality check after the mounting job is finished.

Camera encoders and a keypad

For easy operating the machine is equipped with camera encoders and a keypad. The encoders allow the operator to move the cameras by rotating them and with the keypad the operator inserts commands by simply pushing a button.

Customizable machine

Customized options, such as a specific clamping system or vacuum system can be added if needed.

Mounting Table

Mounting Table

The mounting table has various special applications to simplify the mounting even more. The motorized flat flexo plate mounter machine is made of a sturdy steel frame with trespa top and is standard equipped with a so-called Matthews/Bobst locking system. Optionally you can request a clamping system and/or a vacuum system to fix the Mylar sheet on the table.

The camera rail is mounted on a high quality temperature treated and precise grinded beam. The cameras and the camera-beam construction are provided with highly accurate precision motors for computer controlled and automatic positioning.

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Mounting Table

Overlay system explained

Once the first plate is in the right position, the overlay module enables the operator to take and store a snapshot of the mounting marks, which is then shown on the monitor. Whilst mounting the next plates, this snapshot is displayed in a faded way on the monitor as a reference point for the operator. The operator simply has to position the mounting marks of the next plate(s) over its (overlay) in exactly the same position.

The system enables snapshots to be taken of these second and next plates as well, which can serve as a digital proof for quality control purposes before printing. Several hairline types are available. The picture on the monitor is adjusted automatically for outside light influences such as brightness, gamma, sharpness, shutter, white balance, and gain.