Corrugated Flat Mounting Machine Flatmount

The Flatmount is a premier flat flexo plate mounting machine for mounting on mylars. Mounting with the Flatmount is very fast and maximizes efficiency while the related costs are decreasing.

Accurate Quick Mounting HD Cameras

Rudico video testimonial about the FLATMOUNT

Flatmount instructional video

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Flatmount's features


Overlay System (patented)

Once the first plate is on the right position, a snapshot can be taken and used semi-transparently for the next plates.


HD Ethernet cameras

Ultra high definition cameras moving to the exact position of the mounting marks.


Camera encoders and keypad

The cameras can be controlled by encoders for quick adjustments. The operator can insert commands through the touchpad.


Digital calibration of camera beam

The camera images are used to create a lookup table to digitally 'straighten' any deviations in the camera beam.


Laser pointers

Indicators of where the mounting marks are located, enabling quick positioning

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    Pressure roller

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    Image Recognition

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    Clamping system and vacuum table

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