RoboCELL - Robotic Taping & Mounting

The RoboCELL is an award-winning robotic system that offers a complete robotized prepress workflow. It provides robotic sleeve handling (RoboSLEEVE), robotic tape application (RoboTAPE), and fully automatic mounting (FAMM 3.0). In 2023, RoboCELL was designated as the best Technical Innovation for the complete automation of the prepress workflow, winning both the FTA Award and the EFTA Flexo Award.

  • Reduce operator related press downtime
  • No more manual taping and mounting
  • Eliminate tape waste due to spiral taping
  • Eliminate sleeve damage and mishandling
  • Eliminate air bubbles and overlaps

RoboCELL video

roboSLEEVE AV Flexologic

RoboCELL's components and functions

RoboTAPE AV Flexologic

RoboCELL features


Robotic tape application

Robotic spiral tape application in a few seconds without air bubbles and no waste. (RoboTAPE)


Robotic sleeve handling

The robot handles the sleeves safely and loads/unloads them from the Tech Cart to the taping station and after taping to the FAMM. (RoboSLEEVE)


Fully automatic mounting

The FAMM fully automatically positions the plates with an accuracy of 2 microns. The plates are mounted in 29 seconds including a quality report.


Tech Cart

The Tech Cart contains all the sleeves required for the job. After taping and mounting the sleeves, the robot puts back the mounted sleeve on the cart.


HMI console

The HMI console is used to set up jobs and start the taping process. XML files can be loaded into the system for a quick start-up.


Gripper tool station

The robot changes its gripper tool so that it can handle sleeves and bridges of different inner diameters.


Safety fence

The RoboCELL is surrounded by a safety fence that provides protection to the operators while working on other tasks.

RoboCELL options

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    Additional taping tool

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    Additional Tech Carts

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