Mission Labels recently acquired an Aquasupreme, one of AV Flexologic’s waterwashable flexo plate making machines.  This adds the plate making step to the company’s workflow and has been part of their large investment in prepress facilities. As a result the family owned business doubled their plate making capacity. They are now able to compete at the highest level within their market due to significant amount of time they are saving. A digital file is only hours away from becoming a high quality label.

AV Flexologic was delighted to hear that the adoption of the Aquasupreme into their company has been an easy process. The operators report that the machine is easy to use and maintain. Mission Labels also shares their experience with AV Flexologic’s service:

“The sales representative showed a great knowledge of product and process and supported the entire course of development from the moment we needed information and ordered, up to the moment the Aquasupreme was in full production.”

The Aquasupreme is a plate making machine that uses sustainable water wash for the creation of plates. It is a complete photopolymer machine that processes water washable flexo printing plates. The production time of a plate within this machine is significantly shorter than many other plate making solutions.

“We are very enthusiastic about the way the Aquasupreme doubles our capacity. It means that we are able to compete and take a much firmer stand in the market. It also means that we have saved a significant amount of costs with this investment.”

Dave Humphrey, technical director

Humphrey explains that with the purchase of the Aquasupreme, the labor costs are down and that they experience fewer errors in the process. In addition to this, the material costs have decreased as well.

On a final note, Dave Humphrey from Mission Labels would like to share this with other potential customers:

“My personal advice to anyone looking to invest in plate making facilities, is to opt for this water wash.”