The Aquasupreme is a stainless steel plate processing machine designed for water washable photo-polymer printing plates.
• Water washable flexo plate processing machine with separate dryer/exposure unit
• Low maintenance due to automatic cleaning functionalities
• Sustainable plate making solution
• Fast and easy



Mission Labels

Mission Labels recently acquired an Aquasupreme, one of AV Flexologic’s waterwashable flexo plate making machines. Dave Humphrey: “We are very enthusiastic about the way the Aquasupreme doubles our capacity. It means that we are able to compete and take a much firmer stand in the market. It also means that we have saved a significant amount of costs with this investment.” He mentions: “My personal advice to anyone looking to invest in plate making facilities, is to opt for this water wash.”

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Patrick Marchant, Pre-Press Systems Technician at Integrity says: "The Aquasupreme allows us to produces high quality, environmentally friendly, flexo plates without the need to use any hazardous materials. This gives us excellent registration and consistent plate quality. It took us a long time to find the correct cleaning/maintenance routine. We had several overflow/cleaning issues until we started using the Cosmo Soap WB2. This made cleaning, maintenance and smell a lot better." Integrity was very favorable about the installation process: “Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable with regular visits after the installation to help refine the quality of our plate output.”

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Workflow Aquasupreme

Workflow Aquasupreme

With this stainless steel plate processing machine, the water washable plates are processed in a very short period of time. The plate is attached to the self –adhesive wash table and is washed out in a mixture of water and 1% soap, at a temperature of 40 degree Celsius. To ensure continuous operation, the water is filtered in two steps. First, the rough particles are filtered through a membrane unit and the smaller polymers are removed. This allows the machine to continuously re-use the water. After working hours the machine can be set to continue water cleaning for e.g. 2 hours before shutting down. The membrane is cleaned automatically by means of a backflush system.

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