Elopak is an international supplier of paper based packaging solutions for liquid food. Think of, for example, milk cartons. They have stood the test of time, but continuously try to improve every aspect of their company. They supply to over 800 markets, which illustrates their need for an AV Flexologic FAMM in their workflow.

With buying the AV Flexologic FAMM (Fully Automatic Mounting Machine), Elopak has automated the mounting of flexo printing plates which results in continuous, consistent and precisely mounted sleeves. The high capacity of the FAMM perfectly fits to the needs of Elopak as they are a very large, international company.

Elopak is committed to ‘making packaging work – for customers, consumers and society at large’ and the FAMM has contributed to this goal significantly. Especially a large company like Elopak benefits from automating their mounting process. This is why they have ordered a third FAMM in 2015.

“Since the installation, output and quality are as expected. We mount approximately 1000 sleeves per week and mounting is considered an important part of the printing job. In the past, mis-registration often caused press down time. Now our mounting results are consisted and precise.”

Reinard Dreesmann, plant manager.