Máquina de montaje completamente automática FAMM 3.0

La FAMM 3.0 es la montadora totalmente automática de tercera generación y la solución ideal para trabajos cortos y frecuentes. Esta máquina es la solución de montaje automático más avanzada que proporciona una velocidad, repetibilidad y precisión incomparables. La FAMM cuenta con una velocidad de montaje de 30 segundos por plancha con una precisión de 2 micrones, mientras que un cambio de manga toma solo 10 segundos.

30'' per plate Operator independent 2 μm accuracy

Video de la máquina de montaje completamente automática

linear motors

FAMM 3.0 montando 9 planchas en 4.5 minutos - Live demo

FAMM 3.0 montaje de demostración en vivo : 1 plancha grande

Automatic Mandrel Rotation Big Plate

RoboCELL real-time video

Animación de montaje automático

automatic mounting animation video

TIR Sleeve Measurement System

tir workflow video

Sleeve Storage System

Sleeve Storage thumbnail

Tape Applicator/Demounter video


FAMM 3.0 Features


Informe de calidad

Las marcas de montaje se verifican mediante el Reconocimiento de imágenes y se crea automáticamente un informe en PDF.


Fully Automatic

The flexo plates are positioned fully automatically with the best possible accuracy of 2 microns using a robotic manipulator and the Image Recognition system


Conveyor belt

New split conveyor belt with an option to identify the plate from the bottom by reading QR codes. The conveyor backlight and laser line allows plates to be aligned easier.


Robotic manipulator

The manipulator picks-up the flexo plate and transfers it on the exact position for mounting. The operator only needs to load the plates on the conveyor belt.


Two automatic pressure rollers (patent pending)

The top pressure roller mounts half of the plate, then the mandrel lowers down so that the second pressure roller can mount the rest of the plate. During this time, the pick-up unit has already placed the next plate for mounting.


Automatic linear motors (patent pending)

State of the art automatic linear motors that enable fast plate transfer and positioning. The quality check is now 3 times faster.


Automatic mandrel rotation

The mandrel makes synchronous movements and rotates automatically, providing operator-free mounting. After mounting, the mandrel unlocks automatically.


LED light sensors

The intuitive FAMM software detects if there are informalities during the mounting process. The green light indicates "processing", the yellow indicates "advisory", while the red means "error".

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