The flexographic printing process is rather complex, involving several pieces of equipment. The quality of the process heavily depends on the quality of the equipment used. If the equipment is faulty, the quality of the printing process is reduced resulting in a loss of time and money.

Printing sleeves play a major part in the flexographic printing process. Sleeves that are not efficiently stored get damaged and will decrease the quality of the process. By using storage solutions for their printing sleeves, businesses can achieve optimum performance and a good integrity of the prints.

Sleeve Storing Solutions

Sleeve storage, AV Flexologic

We recommend to store sleeves vertically in a designated space. By doing so, there will be an increase in workplace efficiency. In addition to this, there are three other main benefits:

  • Safety of the printing sleeves;
  • Easier and faster retrieval of the printing sleeves;
  • Maximizing space.

Safety of the Sleeves

Storing sleeves vertically in a designated space help them retain their shapes for a longer time and provides even pressure distribution due to the elimination of the stress points.

Customized semi-automatic Sleeve Storage System, AV Flexologic

Easier and Fast Retrieval of Sleeves

Sleeve storage solutions have the option to use movable and labeled racks. Therefore, retrieving or returning sleeves is much more easier.

Steel Construction

Maximizing Space

Sleeve storage solutions for the flexographic industry occupy a limited amount of space. Moreover, the vertical structure allows businesses to pack even more sleeves in a smaller area. Lastly, our Sleeve Storage System is customizable to fit your needs.

Customized semi-automatic Sleeve Storage System, AV Flexologic

Sleeve Storage System Features

  • Automatic moving racks

Retrieval of your sleeves is made easier with the automatic movement of the rack system.

  • Customizable

The Sleeve Storage System is fully customizable and allows you to adjust it to fit your layout requirements.

  • Possibility to connect to ERP system

The semi-automatic Sleeve Storage System allows you to connect to your ERP system to view stock information that helps you better manage your sleeves.

  • Vertical storage of sleeves

A vertical storage layout eliminates the deformity of your sleeves. Additionally, vertical storage means easier retrieval and storage for your sleeves.

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