The changes in the flexographic printing process in the last 10 years have created a common challenge to most flexographic printing businesses today: the efficient storage of materials. Often, a way to store the printing sleeve is overlooked, but if it is done right, it can save space on the floor, keep the sleeve safe from damage after the printing process is completed and save time by having the sleeves organized. Furthermore, organizing the sleeves so that they are easier to find when they are needed can save time over a year and make the entire process more efficient.

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Thinking of optimising the workspace and improving the prepress stage of the flexographic industry, we have developed a smart and efficient Sleeve Storage System. Fully-customizable, the support equipment has a steel frame for a sturdy design, and extruded aluminium racks that move back and forth, allowing easy access to sleeves stored in the unit.

Available in Manual or Semi-Automatic, both units carefully store sleeves vertically, taking advantage by using “up” space in a printing plant. Thus, our Sleeve Storage System could have multiple levels depending on the length of the sleeves to be stored in the unit. The Manual unit requires an operator to move the racks back and forth by hand, to access the sleeve size they are needing, quickly and easily. We developed the Semi-Automatic with safety in mind as all that is required from the operator is identify what size is needed for the print job, and select it using a touch screen and the unit will open up to the correct location for the operator to retrieve the print sleeves. Overall a sleeve storage unit will save time in looking for the correct sleeves and keep the sleeves form being damaged, which in the end, saves on your print sleeve investment.


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