RoboCELL at Drupa Dusseldorf

Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands – 14th March 2024 – As innovation pioneers in the flexographic industry, the AV Flexologic team is thrilled to unveil exclusive live demonstrations of the double award-winning RoboCELL. Drupa attendees visiting AV Flexologic, Tech Sleeves & Toyobo MC Corporation booth will have the opportunity to explore the functionalities of the prepress technology RoboCELL.

The biggest AV Flexologic stand ever build, hosting the most advanced flexo prepress technology

Drupa 2024 presents an exciting opportunity for AV Flexologic to unveil RoboCELL to a diverse audience hailing from various countries. RoboCELL, a revolutionary robotic prepress technology comprising RoboTAPE, RoboSLEEVE, and the fully automatic mounting machine FAMM 3.0, will take center stage at stand C10 in Hall 10.

Flexographic printers, industry professionals, and technology enthusiasts are cordially invited to witness the daily live demonstrations of RoboCELL. AV Flexologic’s Managing Director, Martijn Otten, will lead the audience through an in-depth exploration of RoboCELL’s automated functionalities, step by step. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness firsthand:

  • RoboTAPE seamlessly taping printing sleeves
  • RoboSLEEVE handling taped sleeves into the plate mounters, and then to the sleeve rack
  • FAMM 3.0 automatically mounting multiple plates with extreme accuracy and speed.

Throughout Drupa 2024, from May 28th to June 7th, AV Flexologic will showcase RoboCELL, promising attendees a glimpse into the future of flexographic printing.

However, the excitement does not end at the C10 AV Flexologic, Tech Sleeves, and Toyobo MC Corporation stand. AV Flexologic will introduce new prepress mounters and equipment for the first time,  Tech Sleeves will reveal the newest durable printing sleeves & bridges, and Toyobo will display the sustainable water-washable flexo plate Cosmolight®.

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Additional information can be found on AV Flexologic dedicated Drupa page:

About the RoboCELL

The RoboCELL is a game-changing patented innovation that offers complete robotization of the prepress department. It includes robotic sleeve handling (RoboSLEEVE), robotic tape application (RoboTAPE), and fully automatic mounting (FAMM 3.0).

The RoboCELL is an innovative, robotic solution that fully automates the sleeve and mounting workflow, combining tape application, plate mounting, and sleeve handling using patented technology from AV Flexologic. The system eliminates manual intervention, allowing sleeves to be selected, tape applied, sleeves delivered to the mounter for automatic plate mounting, and final sleeves filed to a cart, ready for the press.

Robotic System at Drupa

About RoboCELL components

RoboTAPE – A robot with a taping tool that applies tape fully automatically, spiraling tape onto the sleeve, resulting in substantially less tape waste compared to manual taping and eliminating manual taping-related mistakes that cause press downtime.

RoboSLEEVE – A gripping tool with different adapters depending on the sleeve, handling and delivering sleeves throughout the RoboCELL work area. The RoboSLEEVE helps the robot apply tape and safely handle and load/unload sleeves.

FAMM 3.0 plate mounter – A fully automatic mounting machine for flexo plates that works with RoboCELL to load and unload sleeves.

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