EFTA Flexo Award 2023 RoboCELL team

Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands – November 13th 2023

As flexo industry pioneers committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, AV Flexologic secures its second recognition of the year in 2023. RoboCELL, the latest technology from AV Flexologic, has been awarded the prestigious EFTA-Benelux Award

In April, AV Flexologic received in the United States the Technical Innovation by the esteemed Flexographic Technical Association for RoboCELL. This November, AV Flexologic celebrated the second award in Belgium, assigned by the European Flexographic Technical Association Benelux. 

The AV Flexologic team at the EFTA Flexo Awards Ceremony in Belgium

The Association places a strong emphasis on sharing and expanding knowledge of the latest technical developments in flexo printing processes. The EFTA-Benelux Flexo Award is reserved for companies that demonstrate exceptional advancements in the flexographic printing industry.  For the AV Flexologic team, this award represents a significant validation of their ongoing efforts to keep flexographic printing competitive and elevate it to new heights. The Flexo Award also gives the opportunity to AV Flexologic to be eligible for the international FTA Europe Diamond Awards.  

“This reward is the icing on the cake” says AV Flexologic Managing Director Bowden Maingay, “a result of the great partnerships with our customers and suppliers, combined with some extremely clever design and enormous dedication by the AV team. We are proud to help improve the mounting process of our customers.” 

The Roadmap to Success  

AV Flexologic’s journey to success began in 2005 when the company invented automatic mounting and revolutionized the flexographic industry. In 2007, AV Flexologic won its first FTA Technical Innovation Award thanks to the first-generation fully automatic flexo plate mounter FAMM 1.0.  This year, AV Flexologic has received a double recognition for RoboCELL, starting with the FTA Award 2023, followed by the prestigious accolade EFTA-Belelux Flexo Award.  

Notable milestones in AV Flexologic’s history include:  

  • 2016: Launch of the second-generation FAMM 2.0, boasting over 100 installations worldwide  
  • 2020: Introduction of the FAMM 3.0, featuring twice the mounting speed and a positioning accuracy of 2 microns  
  • 2021: Launch of the ground-breaking RoboCELL, the world’s first fully robotized prepress workflow  
  • 2023: Continuous R&D at Alphen aan den Rijn site to keep offering the most advanced and complete solutions for flexographic prepress departments 

About the RoboCELL  

The RoboCELL is a game-changing patented innovation that offers complete robotization of the prepress department. It includes robotic sleeve handling (RoboSLEEVE), robotic tape application (RoboTAPE) and fully automatic mounting (FAMM 3.0).  

The RoboCELL is an innovative, robotic solution that fully automates the sleeve and mounting workflow, combining tape application, plate mounting, and sleeve handling using patented technology from AV Flexologic. The system eliminates manual intervention, allowing sleeves to be selected, tape applied, sleeves delivered to the mounter for automatic plate mounting, and final sleeves filed to a cart, ready for the press.  

Components of RoboCELL  

RoboTAPE: A robot with a taping tool that applies tape fully automatically, spiraling tape onto the sleeve, resulting in substantially less tape waste compared to manual taping and eliminating manual taping-related mistakes that cause press downtime.  

RoboSLEEVE: A gripping tool with different adapters depending on the sleeve, handling and delivering sleeves throughout the RoboCELL work area. The RoboSLEEVE helps the robot apply tape and safely handle and load/unload sleeves.  

FAMM 3.0 plate mounter: A fully automatic mounting machine for flexo plates that works with RoboCELL to load and unload sleeves.  

For more information on AV Flexologic and its innovative solutions, visit www.flexologic.com or contact: 

Andra Coleasa  

Marketing Manager  

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