Quality Check using Image Recognition Software

Improve your mounting process

Accurate plate mounting is necessary for a high quality printing. Quality Check with Image Recognition Software ensures accurate mounting processes. Being able to measure the positions of mounting marks using intelligent Image Recognition technology provides results with phenomenal print quality to printer’s end customers.

After the plate has positioned onto the sleeve or cylinder the Image Recognition Software measures the exact position of the mounting marks and thus how accurately the printing plate is fixed on sleeve or cylinder. The tolerance of the report settings whether a plate
is judged as mounted “OK” or “NOT OK”.

Improve production workflow


The ability to measure the positions not only  during mounting but also after plates have been mounted, provides endless possibilities to enhance production workflow.

Monitor your process

After each plate is mount mounting machines with Quality Check with Image Recognition are able automatically check the tolerance mounted plates using with Patented Image Recognition system.

Proof of mounting quality

The ability to conduct quality report after mounting process provides with the clear identification of failed mounting.

AV Flexologic Mounting Machines with the Quality check using Image Recognition.

Most of the automatic mounting machines by AV Flexologic, such as FAMM 2.0 and SAMM 2.0  are equipped with the Quality check using Patented Image Recognition Software.

To find a right machine for your production process, please contact us.