The cutting knife provides a seamless and easy tape application without damaging the sleeve. It is equipped with a ceramic blade with adjustable width, therefore the knife cuts through the tape but not the sleeve.

Watch below how you can easily apply tape in 2 ways, using the cutting knife.

Tape application using a large piece of tape

Tape application using the tape holder

Available on our Automatic & Motorized mounting machines

SAMM 2.0 800

The SAMM 2.0 800 is a unique machine in the label and narrow-web industry. It is suitable for cylinders and sleeves.

SAMM 2.0

The SAMM 2.0 is the 3rd generation automatic mounting machine with unmatched repeatability and speed. Available in 1300/1700/2200mm mounting width.


The MOM DD+ Pro is a high-end motorized mounting machine. It has advanced features and options for high-quality mounting. Available in 1300/1700/2200mm mounting width.