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Mount-o-Matic Direct Drive+ Pro (MOM DD+Pro)

The MOM DD+ Pro is our high-end motorized flexo plate mounting machine with efficiency boosting and cost-saving features. It is equipped with the unique vertically moving cylinder which allows a fixed distance of the cameras to the plate, so no focusing of the lenses is needed. Furthermore, the fixed table height eases the positioning of the plates even more. Motorized flexo plate mounting machine allows through its motorized features quick and accurate flexo plate mounting. The pressure roller ensures fast and air bubble-free mounting.  Through our HD Ethernet cameras and the 40” HD screen, you can ensure at every time that your mounting procedure is successful.

  • Fast
  • Accurate

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Microplast is a large flexible packaging converter located in Colombia with a long history of experience and specializes in demanding business such as food and personal care. The company is improving by investing in innovation, technology and creativity. Microplast Colombia’s opinion is formulated as follows: "The MOM 1300 DD+ has helped our company a lot. The machine is reliable, and is easy to manage. We are satisfied with the machine, and interested to hear about any new AV Flexologic developments.”

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Americk Primopost is used to adopting the highest quality in flexographic print processes. They believe you should: “Add value through print quality”. Primopost continuously invests in optimizing the print quality and price of their operations. In 2012 they have installed the AV Flexologic MOM DD1500 and Demounter which help reaching this goal substantially. The MOM DD ensures a much improved mounting process that limits the downtime of the workflow. The Demounter contributes to the same goal, by quickly and safely demounting their plates Primopost saves time and ensures high quality plates in storage.

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Laser pointers

Laser pointers are mounted next to the cameras to indicate where the field of view of the cameras is.

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The mounting marks can be easily positioned in a fraction time, instead of having to search for the mounting marks in the camera image each time.

HD Ethernet Cameras

A high speed connection combined with sharp images, zoom up to 170x and a 40" monitor enables the operator to mount the plate with highest precision.

Overlay system (patented)

Once the first plate is in the right position, the overlay module enables the operator to take snapshots of the mounting marks, which are then shown semi-transparently when mounting the other plates.

Vertical movement of cylinder (unique)

This feature enables a fixed focus of the cameras. It enhances precision and optimizes the workflow.

Pressure roller

The roller is used to apply the plates evenly over the carrier such as sleeve, cylinder or Mylar.

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The use of the pressure roller eliminates the typical "hand-rolling". The feature saves time and avoids un-ergonomic working procedures.

Digital calibration of camera beam (patented)

The camera images are used in a calibration procedure to create a lookup table to digitally ‘straighten’ any deviations in the camera beam, down to 10 μm over the entire width of the camera beam / sleeve.

Automatic easyreg detection (optional)

Using our patented image recognition system, a visual mark on the edge of a sleeve such as W&H Easyreg strip can be automatically "set to zero" on the mounting machine by simply pushing a button.

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The camera automatically homes in on the Easyreg mark and also automatically "sets zero" in X and Y direction with 0.001 mm accuracy.

Cutting knife, Tape applicator or Tape holder (optional)

Used to increase efficiency and ease-of-use.

Workflow Motorized Mounting Machine

Workflow Motorized Mounting Machine

The mounting job is sent to the machine either manually or using our workflow optimising solutions. The operator places the flexo plate onto the table which has an initial position indicated by laser pointers.

After positioning the photopolymer plate, the operator elevates the vertically moving cylinder, lowers the pressure roller and rotates the cylinder using the foot pedal. With the first sleeve mounted, the operator can select the next mounting job in the machine.

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Workflow Motorized Mounting Machine

Easy flexo plate mounting

  • The motorized mounting machine for the wide web industry
  • Fast and air bubble free mounting ensured by the pressure roller
  • Fixed table height and fixed distance from lens to plate for easier positioning of plates
  • Snapshots of the mounting position can be taken and displayed faded on the monitor to perfectly mount image to image
  • Store positions in the computer to recall the plate positions at any time
  • User friendly
  • Customer ERP integration upon request

The machine provides benefits to an operator in multiple ways. Through motorisation, the flexo plate mounting process requires a lot less operator interference. The image recognition ensures mistake free processes which saves time and money. No air inclusions ensure the best print results. Multiple optional features enable the operator to have a fully individualised machine depending on the individual needs of the customer.