Creating mounting jobs has never been easier! No need to measure manually the distance between the mounting marks. Our machines can do that for you, using the patented Easymount software.

How to use the Easymount software

Using the camera encoders on the machine, the targets on the plate are in the camera’s field of view. The machine measures the distance between the targets and by selecting the specifications of the job using the drop-down menu, the job is created and stored.

You can select from the drop-down menu the repeat size, tape thickness, number of plates across the sleeve and number of colors per sleeve. It is also possible to select the plates to mounted staggered.

Available in all our Automatic & Motorized mounting machines

SAMM 2.0 800

Available in 800mm

The Automatic SAMM 2.0 is the world’s fastest and most accurate flexo plate mounter in the narrow-web industry. The next generation SAMM offers unmatched accuracy, repeatability and speed.

SAMM 2.0

Available in 1300/1700/2000mm

The next generation SAMM is the solution to common trends in the flexo printing industry such as higher quality demands, shorter and more frequent job runs. These challenges are easily tackled with 3rd generation Automatic Mounting.


Available in 1300/1700/2000mm

The MOM DD+ Pro is our high-end motorized flexo plate mounter with cost-saving features and options for maximizing accuracy. It is the flexo industry standard for manual positioning of plates and is very easy to operate.


Available in 1500mm

The MOM DDS is the industry-standard mounting machine for manual positioning and mounting of flexo plates. This motorized flexo plate mounter is equipped with all the AV Flexologic standard features.