Family owned since 1908, E.C. Shaw Company established itself as a leader in the pre-press industry.  Recently, E.C. Shaw Company decided to invest into the corrugated market and modernize the entire process to produce Flat Top corrugated plates, with fully integrated workflows, LED exposure, and several custom applications. However, the company was mounting plates manually and was suffering from bottlenecks such as inefficiency and inaccuracy.


E.C. Shaw Company decided to invest into the corrugated market and modernize the entire mounting process. The company was seeking an innovative solution, which will enable them to exceed their customer’s expectations and boost efficiency.

For that reason, AV Flexologic provided  E.C. Shaw Company the automatic SAMM PostPrint 3500 for the corrugated industry. The automatic flexo plate mounter SAMM Postprint has been developed for customers who demand the highest standards in mounting speed, consistency and accuracy. The machine saves money, time and reduces press downtime

Unique features of the SAMM Postprint

Automation of the mounting process

automation of the mounting process, AV Flexologic

Due to automation of the mounting process, high efficiency of the mounting process is ensured. Robotic positioning and Patented Image Recognition Technology enables the machine to mount plates automatically that makes the mounting process for an operator as independent as possible.

High accuracy

high accuracy, AV Flexologic

The iteration between the cameras and the robotic mounting table provides extremely accurate positioning of the plates down to microns.

Fast mounting

fast mounting, AV Flexologic

With the SAMM Postprint, mounting is faster because it takes from 1 to 3 minutes (depending on a plate size) to mount each plate.


E.C. Shaw Company wanted to achieve higher accuracy and efficiency to eliminate its bottlenecks. At AV Flexologic, they found the optimal solution with SAMM Postprint 3500. The investment in the plate mounter proved beneficial to the company, because is now able to exceed their customer’s expectations.