We are thrilled to share a remarkable development with you: after years of dedicated engineering, the Virtual Proof Print (VPP) feature can now be integrated into all our Automatic Mounting Machines!

You can use the VPP to get a virtual proof of the mounted plate immediately after the mounting phase. Later, you can store the scan report and send the file to your customers.

Want to see the VPP in action? Dive into this article to know everything about this SAMM 2.0 new additional feature!

The option for a fast and easy plate scan

After the plate mounting phase, the VPP scanning camera will move automatically from left to right, and scan the mounted plate while the sleeve is rotating. In approximately 2 minutes, the special camera will scan and record the plate surface.

You will get a digital visualization of the image (42,8 megapixels) of the mounted plate on the SAMM 2.0 screen. Within the VPP tab in the system, the scan results appear in the left side, while on the right side there is the accompanied PDF image.

Watch now the Virtual Proof Print in function on a SAMM 2.0. AV Flexologic Managing Director Martijn Otten will guide you through the VPP workflow

With the VPP feature, you can export PDF reports for different colors, and save them on your server. After all the plates are mounted and scanned, you get an image of the final result that you can compare to the PDF file.

You can use the VPP scan as a proof of mounting. The PDF of the VPP scan is not a substitute of the Quality Report as it does not contain the measurements of the mounting accuracy of the marks. However, it is a proof that the plates sent to the press are not mounted upside-down.

Some of the benefits of having a VPP

With the Virtual Proof Print you can further reduce the press downtime. This automated feature will help you to get a complete inspection on the plate, and detect:

  • Mistakes in the mounting correctness (such as the order in which the plates have been mounted, wrong plate on wrong sleeve)
  • If the plates are mounted upside down
  • Understand if the quality of the image is good enough

Once you have scanned the plates for all the colors, you can send out the VPP report to your customer.

VPP scan example

An example of a VPP with the SAMM 2.0

Do you want to discover more about the SAMM 2.0 and the new VPP additional feature? Contact our sales team, they will help you in the best way.