Today’s flexo market demands higher quality, therefore the mounting jobs ought to be more precise. In combination with the trend of shorter lead times, the industry demands more from the mounting department. AV Flexologic presents you the SAMM 800 that features the automatic image recognition system. The self-moving mounting table meets the increasingly higher standards of the industry. This makes the mounting operator related press downtime almost zero. The Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine identifies the mounting marks on its own after which the machine assists the operator with mounting process trough the vacuum table.

The SAMM’s positioning precision is 5 microns (= 0,005 mm or 0,0002′”) and it supports both cylinders and sleeves. Different types can be used because of the adjustable gearing and customized locking system. The Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine a comprehensible and easy to use piece of equipment.


  • Automatic positioning, 5 micron precision
  • Easy adjustable gearing system
  • Customized locking system
  • Available dedicated for sleeve or cylinders or a combination system for both.

The automatic positioning feature is what makes the SAMM one of the most successful machines in AV Flexologic’s equipment portfolio. An operator only places a plate roughly on the mounting table. SAMM then recognizes the marks on the flexo plate and positions it automatically while the operator monitors this process. When the plate is in the right position the cylinder lifts automatically to fixate the plate onto the tape. Finally, the operator finishes the mounting job with the pressure roller which is operated with the foot pedal.


  • Fast!
  • Extremely accurate! Positioning accuracy: 0.005 mm or 0.0002″
  • Unmatched color to color repeatability
  • No more press down time due to operator error
  • Detailed Quality Control and reporting possible due to image recognition
  • Required operator skill level decreases
  • Affordable!