Sealed Air Hamilton is a knowledge-based company which is focused on sustainable packaging solutions. Recently, they purchased the SAMM automatic plate mounter 1500 and the machine helped to raise an output by 75%!
With more than a half of century experience, Sealed Air Hamilton has always been a trusted supplier of packaging solutions all over the world. The company strives to offer their customers the best packaging solutions and always pays attention to the latest industry trends. To overcome these trends and to satisfy the needs of the customers, the company purchased SAMM 1500. The patented SAMM automatic plate mounter 1500 is the solution to the common industry trends. The features of the machine result in the highest productivity, extreme accuracy and the elimination of press downtime due to mounting mistakes.

The user story

Damion Robinson, Printing & Laminating Manager of Sealed Air Hamilton stated about the investment:

“We got in touch with AV Flexologic via OPTI-flex ever since buying the SAMM 1500 our output is raised by 75%.

Looking back, I am now very relieved that we invested in this machine, I don’t know how we have done it without this machine. The machine is so accurate that we are looking with a different eye to everything, maintaining the high quality where we stand for.

After all this machine made a difference for the operators as well: took of the working pressure & improved the workflow, which resulted in less downtime & stress! ”

The optimized workflow around the SAMM and reduction of press downtime increases overall productivity and leads to money savings. Due to the patented Image Recognition Technology the machine automatically mounts plates with a precision of 5 microns. Besides the machine is fully operator independent, that allows an operator to attend other tasks while the machine is mounting. This reduces operator dependency and  leads to reduction of man-hours due t0 elimination of human-dependent variables during the mounting process.

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