The new Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine is a combination of everything we have learned about motorised, semi-automatic and fully-automatic mounting machines. The SAMM 2.0 was developed to improve accuracy, safety and to optimise the time spent by the operator on each mounting job. Using image recognition, refined with our intelligent software and robotic features, the machine takes over tasks regarding plate positioning, with similar characteristics to the fully automatic machines. SAMM 2.0 is not operator dependent and provides results with the highest speed and quality.


An important addition to the new SAMM 2.0 is the Synchronised table. This feature allows both sides of the table, left and right, to move together in the same pace, in a perfect movement flow. As a result, the quality of the mounting job is secured with a more durable plate and a refined work from the operator.

SAMM 2.0


Higher precision + less mistakes = time saver.

The Motorised Front Table features in the SAMM 2.0 as a sync between mounting and positioning the plate, with an accuracy of 5 microns. This addition prevents any human mistakes and reassures that X and Y positions are correctly placed and ready to go. With the addition of this feature, the operator is able to execute other tasks while the machine takes over the mounting job. The Motorised Front Table can be added as an extra feature to your new SAMM 2.0.


Considered as one of the main and most exuberant features of the SAMM 2.0, the Quality Report is the latest technology in accuracy check available in mounting machines. Our AVMOM software was updated in order to allow the operator to obtain, in PDF file, a full digital proof of correct mounting, including the exact X and Y positioning, all with one click.



Aiming for a fast and always up to date technology, the new SAMM 2.0 adopted the newest operational system Windows 10. This operational system requires frequent updates and it is entirely compatible with our AVMOM software, which ensures the best performance of the machine.

For more technical information about the new SAMM 2.0, visit our product page.