Taiwan Lamination, Inc. has been specializing over the past 30 years in the Flexible Packaging and multi-compound materials. Recently, the company faced increased packaging requests and started looking for a solution to improve their workflow, efficiency, the quality of the print and in the same time to reduce costs.

SAMM 2.0 1300


To be able to offer various innovations and to meet increased packaging requests, Taiwan Lamination, Inc. purchased the SAMM 1300 automatic flexo plate mounter. The machine was installed just 1 year ago and already shows great mounting results.
Mr. Shi Hung Chin, Vice General Manager of Taiwan Lamination, Inc. stated about the SAMM:

“By investing in the SAMM 1300, we were hoping to achieve more automation in the mounting and printing process. It was essential for us to improve the quality of the print, efficiently and in the same time to reduce costs.

Today, I can say with confidence, that the machine lives up to our expectations and shows incredible mounting results. The machine significantly increased the efficiency and accuracy of the mounting process.  Compared with the past, now we are saving more than 50% in mounting time.

Also, we are really happy with the automation of the mounting process. The image recognition of the register of the plates and the robotic positioning allow an operator to be hand free during the mounting.  Besides, the machine does not require a specialist to mount plates because everyone can do it!”


Automatic flexo plate mounter SAMM 1300

The patented SAMM has been developed for customers who demand the highest standards in mounting speed, repeatability, consistency and accuracy. The SAMM mounts plates fully operator independent and mounts one plate with an average speed of 30 seconds per plate.

Automation of the mounting process

The benefits of automatic mounting with the SAMM include fast press startups, high accuracy and efficiency of the mounting process, reduced changeover times and reduced mounting operator dependency.

High accuracy

The iteration between the cameras and the Robotic Mounting table provides extremely accurate positioning of the plates. The ability to measure the positions not only during mounting but also after plates have been mounted provides endless possibilities to enhance a flexo printing production workflow.

Fast mounting

The machine features a staggering 30-second mounting speed fully operator independent, attending to higher quality demands and reducing press downtime. Due to Robotic Mounting table,  an operator is able to execute other tasks while the machine is mounting.

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