In order to increase efficiency and reduce waste for our customers, we designed a tape and plate cutting knife as an option for the SAMM and MOM mounting machine.

The cutting knife is fitted on the mounting machine with a floating design which means that the knife is not resting on the sleeve. The design eliminates the need of the knife to rest on the sleeve which ensures that no additional pressure from the operator is needed and no damage is made to the sleeve.

The operator only needs to set up the cutting knife once and then it is ready to make perfectly straight cuts with minimum waste of material.

In addition, the knife is spring-loaded which means that it always jumps back up to the initial position when released which ensures that there will never be cuts on the sleeve.


  • Easy to set up
  • Repeat independent
  • Safe for the operator to use
  • Optimized for tape and plates
  • Never cut the sleeve due to being spring-loaded
  • No pressure from the operator required due to the floating design
  • An easily exchangeable cutting blade

Compatible with:


If you would like to request an offer, please contact us. For more information about the machine visit our product page.