AV Flexologic is happy to present Toyobo. Toyobo is the worldwide leading water-washable printing plate manufacturer who has commercialized the word’s first water-washable flexo plate, Cosmolight®. Toyobo’s advanced photopolymer technology produces water-washable flexo plates which are also durable to water-based ink and solvent based UV-ink.

Here are the key advantages of Toyobo Cosmolight® flexo plates:

  1. Washout is done with tap water  and a small amount of mild detergent
  2. Migrate the use of hydrocarbon based solvents or even aggressive cleaning chemicals
  3. Plates are “press-ready within 1 hour and and “press-down time” is significantly reduced
  4.  An excellent print quality with both alcohol-based and water-based ink.
  5. High ink transfer.
  6. High ozone resistance
  7. Able to operate in a solvent-free operation
  8. Repeated use of the washout solution
  9. Extremely  high quality print
  10.  An excellent thickness tolerance

Toyobo Cosmolight® CTP plates can be used in all CTP imaging devices. The computer-to-plate technology is able to create higher and clearer reproduction of letters and screen dots. Cosmolight® CTP plates are available in 3 versions:

Cosmolight® QZ

Cosmolight® QZ CTP is applicable for paper board printing, flexible packaging, label printing and barcodes.

Cosmolight® QH

Cosmolight®QH can be used for printing film, shrink sleeves, barcodes printing, letterpress and smooth substrates.

Cosmolight® QS

Main applications of Cosmolight® are label printing, flexible packaging, paper board printing and envelope printing.

A sister company of AV Flexologic, the All Flexo, is Toyobo’s official distributor in Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Romania and Denmark.  If you want to request a quote for the Cosmolight®, the leading water–washable, environmentally friendly flexo plate, please contact us visit our product page.