Quick and easy mounting solution for the narrow-web mounter industry

We present you one of the classics from our portfolio: the Mount-o-Matic Upside Down, a narrow-web mounter solution

You were able to witness a new machine during the Labelexpo in Brussels. AV Flexologic showcased the MOM USD, so we demonstrated to our clients and other interested parties what the machine can do. Visitors of the show experienced the ease-of-use of this mounting machine and were mounting flexo plates within minutes. In case you missed it, watch the video below! The MOM USD is a simple narrow-web mounter solution for the narrow-web industry, since the printing width is between 800mm / 31.5″.

AV Flexologic designs straightforward, reliable narrow-web mounting equipment. In addition to this, the combination of the innovative technologies and feedback from clients are our ways to ensure success. We designed a straightforward, reliable narrow-web mounter and combined it with AV Flexologic’s innovative technologies for accurate and fast mounting.

The MOM Upside Down comes with different options  such as the Interchangeable Cylinder Locking System. It allows hybrid functionality across a large variety of sleeve and cylinder types. Another is Quality Control Image Recognition (patented), which recognizes a successful mounting job in order to ensure quality. Finally, the Offline filling database and the Barcode scanner, so the ease of operation is even higher.

The fixed working height and sliding table make it easy to operate and allows fast mounting of tape and plate. Laser pointers and the optional image recognition ensure correct positioning of the plate within seconds. The cylinder / sleeve lowers automatically when the plate is correctly positioned. In addition to that, thanks to the overlay system the plate-to-plate registration is extremely accurate. Job information can be stored and recalled at any time which eliminates setup time for repeating jobs.

Overall, we are very happy with this new machine. Listed below are the benefits, don’t forget to watch the video!

What are the advantages of MOM Upside Down narrow-web mounter?

  1. Quick and easy plate mounting for sleeves and cylinders
  2. Automatically recognizes mounting mark targets for high accuracy
  3. Highest accuracy in plate to plate registration
  4. Mounts air bubble free
  5. Recalls stored mounting positions at any time
  6. Eliminates setup time for repeating jobs
  7. Overlay System (patented)
  8. Up to 800mm / 31.5″ printing width.