About Mark-Maker Co. and what sets them apart from the competition

Mark-Maker is a supplier of CAD, Cutting Dies, PrePress, Photopolymer Plates and Mounting for the Corrugated and Flexo industries. The company builds relationships and strives to do what it takes to provide excellent service in manufacturing printing plates and cutting dies.

Mark-Maker has 3 locations in the USA, with the ability to produce cutting dies and printing plates. They produce printing plates for both corrugated sheet fed and flexible packaging such as film, labels, and paper.

Mark-Maker’s long history with AV Flexologic

Mark-Maker has been a long-time customer of AV Flexologic as they invested in an Optimount corrugated postprint flexo plate mounter in 2001. Steve Rens, Sales Manager at Mark Maker, shared the company’s 20 years experience with the Optimount. With regards to the Optimount’s performance before the upgrade, Mr. Rens stated:

“The original Optimount allowed Mark Maker to mount multicolor jobs to tighter tolerances. Including process color jobs and gave our customers the confidence the plates would register when they went to press.”

Mark-Maker’s upgrade on the Optimount

Mark-Maker recently upgraded their mounter to experience the advantages of AV Flexologic’s latest technology. Besides the standard upgrade in basic features, they have integrated software drive coordinate-based mounting directly from PrePress for speed and accuracy.

“With the newest upgrade to the Optimount our tolerances are even tighter but our efficiency and thru-put has increased allowing Mark Maker to increase our capacity.” – Steve Rens, Mark Maker Co

Mark-Maker’s upgraded Optimount

Would Mark-Maker consider AV Flexologic for their next equipment purchase, and if so Why?

“Yes, AV Flexologic has an understanding for the needs and trends of the packaging industry and they were able to help Mark Maker make the right choice in the upgrade of our Optimount system.” – Steve Rens, Mark Maker Co

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