AV Flexologic is proud to be the market leader in supplying flexographic mounting equipment. But we also know that this comes with a responsibility. The high standards in the flexo industry push printers to supply high quality, to work more and more in 3 or 4 shifts and to maintain an efficient workflow.

We need to keep our equipment up and running, a responsibility we can meet with our new maintenance contract. We guarantee full-time support to our customers all around the world, preventive maintenance visits, discount on spare parts, software updates and unlimited remote support.

Please watch the video below to get an impression about our support organisation:

Maintenance visits

The yearly planned maintenance visit is a preventive visit to ensure that everything is running perfectly. All the expenses are covered under the maintenance contract. Your overall accuracy will improve thanks to frequent calibration, and thus higher print quality.

Discount on spare parts

AV Flexologic’s machinery is designed to sustain centuries. Yet, some parts might depreciate after heavy use. Therefore, the maintenance contract enables you to a discount on spare parts.

Software updates

AV Flexologic’s software is updated quarterly with constant improvements and changes. Our engineers are working relentlessly to make the machinery even faster, more accurate and more automated which is mainly due to software improvements. With the maintenance contract, you do not only receive free software updates, but also discounts on upgrades.

24/7 Support

The maintenance contract grants you a 24/7 access to first-line support which can assist you in various matters.

Unlimited remote support

With the maintenance contract, we offer unlimited remote support via Teamviewer. The support technicians can support you through any process to find a solution quickly. This ensures fast and efficient help.

We understand the needs of our customers to have our equipment back up and running as soon as possible in the unlikely event of an issue. Therefore, we can offer an additional performance guarantee clause to guarantee that we have an engineer on the way to you within 36 hours of a machine begin down.

If you would like to request an offer for the maintenance contract or performance guarantee, please contact us.