Geostick is one of the largest label printing companies in Europe. They have recently acquired the automatic flexo plate mounter SAMM 800 2.0 and it helped them to significantly increase the efficiency of the prepress department!


Mounting Mistakes

“Before purchasing the SAMM 800 2.0 we were mounting plates with manual mounting machines. With these machines, it was very hard to achieve accurate plate mounting, plates were mounted straight or pulled wrong way. That’s why in a lot of cases we had to remount plates to achieve good mounting quality.”

Low efficiency of the pre-press department

“Of course this process was very time – consuming and that was the reason why the efficiency of the pre-press department was lacking. For that reason, we tarted seeking for an automatic mounting machine that can help us to overcome these challenges.”


“When we started to search for an automatic mounting machine, our choice immediately fell on AV Flexologic because the company has the longest experience in an automatic plate mounting. Subsequently, we got in touch with AV Flexologic and purchased the SAMM 800 2.0 automatic flexo plate mounter.”

High accuracy

“Thanks to the SAMM, we don’t need to remount plates multiple times to achieve a high accuracy!”

Automatic mounting

“The positioning and mounting are done automatically by the machine.”

Fast mounting

“The machine mounts plates extremely accurate and very fast.”(Freek van der Knaap, manager of Geistick group)


Founded in 1924, Geostick group is a leader in the field of self-adhesive labels, and one of the largest label printers in Europe. Geostick has recently acquired their second and third SAMM 800, after purchasing the first generation SAMM 800 robotic flexo plate mounting machine in 2015. The SAMM 800 enabled Geostick to significantly decrease press downtime due to the extremely high accuracy and repeatability of the SAMM 800. An overall increase in efficiency of the pre-press department was also realized due to the installation of the SAMM 800.

Benefits of using the automatic flexo plate mounter SAMM 800 2.0

Automatic Mounting

The automation of the mounting process eliminates operator dependency during the mounting, thus preventing human errors.

Consistent and Accurate Mounting

Driven by the AV Flexologic software, the robotic table positions the mounting plate with high accuracy, each and every time.
High – speed Ethernet cameras from AV Flexologic ensure sharp ultra-high resolution images, enabling an efficient and accurate mounting process.

Boost Efficiency

The operator dependence decreases due to the automation of the mounting process. Therefore, the SAMM 800 2.0 helps boost efficiency.

Quality Report

After each plate is mounted, the machine has the ability to automatically check the tolerance of mounting plates using image recognition. The Quality Report provides a full insight on the mounting results, ensuring full confidence before going to press.

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