The Flatmount 3000 is an easy-to-use machine to mount photopolymer printing plates directly onto a mylar sheets. Thanks to its highly accurate cameras it registers the plate mounting mark positions with high precision which automatically moves to the correct position for the following plates. Its table provides a lock for the Matthews/Bobst system or other locking systems (upon request). The Flatmount plate mounting machine’s benefits are listed here:


  • Accurate plate mounting
  • Improve workflow efficiency
  • Improve print quality
  • Prevent printing press downtime
  • Compatible with plate patching software

Flatmount plate mounting ensures high quality through the patented overlay system. While the operator monitors the two split screen monitors where the cameras show the mounting positions. After this, the operator chooses a frame of reference, like hairlines, single crosses, double crosses, movable lines, sizable circles or a combination of these options. Finally, the operator checks the the mounting position. The Overlay System literally places the mounted image over the reference so the result is accurate.

One of the options when investing in a Flatmount to choose the Pressure Roller. After the operator positions the flexo plate he chooses a mounting job. The machine helps to find and correct to the right coordinates. In addition to this, the Flatmount uses the pressure roller to fixate the plate to the tape. It applies consistent pressure which ensures an air bubble free mounted plate. Manually pressing the plate onto the tape will not be necessary.

A smart option that validates the success of the mounted plate are the snapshots that the cameras take. The images are then displayed faded image on image in order to reassure exact mounting. The Flatmount then stores the image to be retrieved for future reference, it can be recalled at any time. This ensures a far more accurate positioning of consecutive plates than manual mounting and speeds up the overall mounting process.