Flexible Packaging Technology is a technical trade magazine which is published in a digital format and focused on a flexible packaging production. Recently, the FAMM 2.0 attracted the attention of flexpack.info and they decided to write a review about.

“Automation is the key” – and we cannot agree more! This is the headline of the latest review of flexpack.info about the FAMM 2.0. Oerlemans Plastics BV recently invested in a new FAMM 2.0, adding  the machine to their mounting portfolio of the SAMM and the MOM MK II. The packaging company which is mainly active in the plastic field, invested in a lot of new machines in the last few years. The FAMM 2.0 fully-automatic mounting machine is, therefore, the optimal addition to their machine park.

Oerlemans Plastics BV is active for 45 years in the packaging industry and is a worldwide manufacturer of plastic and film. The packaging group has foreseen the trend of shorter print runs correctly and acted upon it with their investment. Due to the numerous materials involved in their processes, a lot of changeovers are required. A fully automatic mounting saves money, time and prevents press downtime to zero hours. Additionally, the business case, which can also be found on our websites, shows the advantages and return on investments the FAMM 2.0 yields. Most of the time, return of investment is already achieved within one year.

The FAMM 2.0 automatically mounts plates onto sleeves or cylinders using patented image recognition technology with a precision down to 5 microns. Therefore, the operator only needs to select a job and put the printing plates on the conveyor belt. The automatic mounting machine then recognises the marks and begins the mounting process. The robotic manipulator picks up the flexo plate and places it in the correct mounting position. While the plates are automatically mounted, the operator is free to perform other tasks in the production line. After the mounting, the FAMM 2.0 goes back to the zero position to conduct a quality check. The FAMM 2.0 can mount multiple plates per sleeve and can stagger the plates automatically.

You can read up on the article here. If you want to request a quote for the FAMM 2.0, please contact us or visit our product page.