With a growing global awareness of the importance of sustainable products and practices, industries worldwide are improving their efforts in innovative ways to reduce their environmental footprint. The flexo printing and packaging industry is no exception. As a significant contributor to waste and emissions, the flexographic industry strives to adopt more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

At AV Flexologic, it is important to us that we provide our customers with sustainable solutions for their printing needs. Sustainable flexographic tape mounting offers plenty of environmental advantages like minimizing waste, emissions, and resource consumption actively conserving our planet’s natural resources, and reducing its ecological burden. This article will discuss why sustainable flexographic tape mounting is crucial to implement into your flexographic prepress operations.

Sustainable Taping – Is It Possible?

Yes, the easy solution to be more sustainable in flexographic printing is automation, and that also applies to the process of taping. Automation is what AV Flexologic prides itself on. We strive to develop flexographic prepress machinery to reduce your environmental impact. With automation comes significant waste elimination. AV Flexologic has revolutionized the flexographic prepress workflow with our recent development of the RoboCELL robot. RoboCELL robotically tapes, mounts plates, and handles sleeves. RoboTAPE’s advanced spiral-taping technology tapes sleeves as fast as 30 second and eliminates:

  • Manual tape application
  • Air bubbles
  • Overlaps
  • The need for cutting on sleeves

The robot also reduces press downtime caused by taping errors and the risk of sleeve damage. Using our automated taping practices ensures you a waste-free production.

Watch as Martijn Otten walks you through the fully-automated taping process with RoboTAPE!

The trick to sustainability lies in consistency, and RoboCELL ensures a precise and non-wasteful tape application every time. This cutting-edge technology promises to cut lead times and save resources. With automation, experiencing errors is not an issue anymore. Time spent taping or retaping can now be utilized more efficiently for press operators. With RoboCELL’s unwavering efficiency, manufacturers can achieve sustainable practices that are reliable and environmentally responsible. By embracing this innovation, the flexographic taping industry takes a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Outside Of Automation

In addition to automation, another sustainable option for flexographic taping is the selection of tape. New taping technologies are minimizing environmental impact by creating tape from recyclable and biodegradable materials. Without compromising on quality or performance, new sustainable tapes are being engineered to still meet the high standards of flexo printing. Some tapes are even using 50% less solvent during the coating process. Incorporating sustainable flexographic sleeve tapes into your operations is essential to take the step forward toward reducing waste, conserving resources, and embracing greener practices. Combining automation with sustainable taping solutions makes for a powerful effort for a more environmental future for flexography.

Now that you know more about how implementing sustainable practices and machinery to your prepress operations is beneficial and crucial, we would love to help improve your flexographic workflow! Click below to contact us today for more information on RoboCELL and other flexographic prepress automated machines. Together we can embrace eco-innovation, transform the print industry, and minimize our environmental footprint.