In the northern part of Italy, Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a., one of the leading experts in special and safe packaging solutions, has partnered with us to improve printing speed and quality for their clients. 

Automation is key in Sacchettificio Corazza printing production. Two years ago, their management team decided to further spread this technological advancement by applying in the prepress department with AV Flexologic mounter SAMM 2.0. Lorenzo Piergiovanni and Lorenzo Santin, two of their managers, offered to share their unvarnished thoughts and experiences on AV Flexologic automated mounter. 

Take a look at the AV Flexologic SAMM 2.0 testimonial by one of our trusted partners, Corazza! 

Sacchettificio Corazza, leader in packaging

Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a. is  specializing in packaging. At Corazza they follow the principle “quality is something to do and not to say”, evident in their standing as one of the European leaders in the field. 

Founded in 1925, Sacchettificio Corazza was the first company to start the production of bags in Italy. Over the decades, the company has navigated through numerous challenges and celebrated countless triumphs, culminating in its current status as a European leader. Sacchettificio Corazza is now able to offer “tailor-made” special packaging solutions to meet the needs of each customer and product. 

How SAMM 2.0 optimizes prepress processes

“One of the SAMM 2.0 features that impressed us is certainly the user-friendliness […] Even the least experienced operators are able to work with the most care and accuracy. “The Samm 2.0 is very advanced, and you can achieve better results from all points of views […] AV Flexologic enabled us to significantly optimize the prepress process”

Lorenzo Piergiovanni, Corazza Production Manager

“This completely automated mounter has enabled the prepress department to achieve better performance that is aligned with the modern production requirements.”

Tiziano Santin, Corazza Prepress Manager 

Tiziano Santin also listed some of the main advantages of the AV Flexologic SAMM 2.0 on the testimonial

  • Repeatability of printing jobs
  • Higher speed run 
  • A consistent high mounting quality  

Corazza conveyed their appreciation for our partnership, and we are honoured to continue to provide them with innovative and fast solutions for their prepress department. We take pride in seeing our automated SAMM 2.0 solving our clients’ problems and speeding up printing production times! 

AV Flexologic aims to continuously keep up with the times and provide innovative flexo prepress solutions. 

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